Lucky. Or not.

I got really lucky on my car repairs yesterday. Just $40 solved my brake squeak. He told me I'd have to do that again in a year or so, just to keep it clean. It's brake dust in the brake drum that is causing the squeak. They clean out that dust and the squeak goes away. Until more dust builds up.

$40 is much cheaper than a new car. Even the new cars I was looking at.


Sydney says I only quilt so I can rip. What does she know. She's a teen. But, she does think I rip an inordinate amount of quilting out.

I do. I can quickly turn into the lady at the back of the guild meeting with the seam ripper, pulling thread and muttering "it has to be perfect. Perfect."

But, when I pointed out that I had quilted some of my background filler yesterday in the wrong scale and that it was not going to stand out...and look at the rest of it in the larger scale and how wonderful it looks, Rob saw what I was talking about, even if Sydney still didn't think it was important enough to rip out a 6"x2" strip of tiny background work. TWO HOURS. It didn't take but about 30 minutes to put that in, but it's taken 2 hours to get it out and I'm not done yet.

So, that's what I did this morning instead of adding more quilting. I pulled. Wanna know what's hard about it? Not sticking the tip of the seam ripper into the silk. That would tear it and leave a hole. Cotton is more forgiving and if I have an oopsie, the ripper will likely just move the warp and welt threads so the hole can close again when I pull the ripper back out. But, with the silk, there would definitely be a tear in the fabric. So, all my ripping is from the back, where the fabric and thread are cotton. I don't even hold the ripper in my hand when I have the quilt face up.


Day before yesterday, I had the silk quilt in the floor and knocked over a cup of coffee. I got just a tiny bit of staining in the edge of the silk that will be cut away. That was very lucky.


This morning, I stepped in a pile of dog poo. And, didn't notice it until I got to work. And, despite using my toothbrush and a half bottle of hand sanitizer to try to clean it out, I can still smell it once in a while. So, maybe I'm not that lucky after all.


Maybe it is all just coincidence and sometimes coincidence is with you and sometimes it's not.

I did not get dog poo on the silk quilt. That's also luck. Or, coincidence.



Bratling said...

I don't particularily enjoy my stitch ripper, but... When I first started, I went with what we knew--which was hand basting the quilts on a stretcher. I took that first quilt into a local quilting class, and the teacher's first words were, "You're going to hate me, because you have to remove all that basting, and then I'll show you a better way!"

Nancy said...

Oh Lane, what a time of it you have had. I fear I am the same with ripping - knitting, doll clothes, quilting. I bought a sweet baby quilt for $3.00 at the thrift shop and swore I would not examine it too closely. Well, I saw one section that was off, and took out just some stitches to fix it. That worked but then the rest looked awful. Yes, it is now in pieces, waiting to be reassembled. Re the mishap with the dog poo - to get the odor out of your nose, sniff the Chlorox. Might not be a bad idea to brush some on the sole of the shoe too. My MIL swore that was good luck but I am not sure anyone who has stepped in it would think so. Look at the good things - the car was not costly; the coffee did not get on anything but the edge of the quilt and best of all, the poo did not get on the quilt!

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Now, just be sure to not put the toothbrush back in your bathroom! ;)


Elizabeth said...

I think spilling coffee on your quilts has more to do with leaving an open cup near the quilts than it does with luck.

As for luck vs. coincidence on not getting dog poo on the silk quilt . . . we'll never know. Thanks for the laugh.

xo -E

Anonymous said...

Really relate to having to rip it out, if it just won't 'do' it just won't do!
This may be why I have 101 PHD's if it won't go right I put it aside and forget about it for a year or ten, then I wonder what I was doing and how I am going to finish it. Sometimes I do and somtimes I don't!
Love your blog,glad it was only coffee on the edge of the quilt. That will be a real beauty as are all of your quilts.
Marie in R'ham W.Aust.

Marla said...

I hate ripping and I have to take out about a foot of quilting in a queen size quilt where the tension messed up and the back stitches look like railroad tracks. So depressing. So I sure know how you feel!

Andi's English Attic said...

Stepping in dog poo is supposed to be lucky. Or is that just what my mum told me to cheer me up?

Kath said...

please tell me you threw the toothbrush away...

Vesuviusmama said...

Hey there, Mr. Fly By The Seat Of My Pants! Rip, rip! :)

I'm glad you didn't get poo on your silk quilt...