A different kind of a day

Today is a strange day. It started out strange because there's a kid sleeping in my sewing room, so I only got a few minutes with my machines this morning.

Our houseguest has arrived. It was so nice to see her face when she saw Sydney at the door. And, to sit back and listen to them yack and gab and catch up. And, to listen to she and Rob telling old stories about when Rob was a kid this morning.

And, while I certainly enjoy spending time with my mother in law, for this visit, I am support staff. I make sure the clocks are wound and the food hits the table and everyone has a comfy place to sleep. And, last night, the last thing that Rob said was "Thanks for being so nice to my Mom." So, I know I am appreciated.

Now, did having a kid in the sewing room stop me from sewing? No. I worked on Quirky Dresden plates.

Consequently, I have no photos today. Just my excitement and desire to get as much knocked out at the office today so I can enjoy time off with them while she is here. Like I said, she is the easiest houseguest EVER!

Everybody take care and have a great Thursday. Lane


andsewon said...

Grandmoms and Grandkids are a match made in heaven!!

Kath said...
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Tammy said...

The world really needs more nanas, after all those grandkids are not going to just spoil themselves.

I'm sure having Sydney sleeping in your sewing room does cramp your style a bit. Nice to read you adjusted so quickly.

Cynthia L. said...

How wonderful to have not only an easy house guest, but a mother in law that likes you! Sydney is so used to your sewing all the time, I am sure the humming of your machines sounds like a lulaby! Enjoy your time!

Kath said...

how weird, my comment about Leslie appeared here!

I wanted to say, grand kids never get tired of hearing stories about when their parents were little.

Looking forward to seeing your pics.

Elizabeth said...

It is good to know you're appreciated, isn't it.

xo -E