The last quirky dresden plates

Remember when I got these Dresden Plates for Cmas? Or, this post where I talked about them?

I decided to take them apart and they started to come back together.

I am so happy I decided to take them apart and start over. I have finished the last four whole plates. I ended up with 16 total from the 20 I began with. I have enough wedges left to make four quarter plates that I hope to use in the corners of the finished quilt. Maybe even some halves to go in that border as well. No sense in wasting even one wedge.

Now, I have to find something to mount them on. For some reason, I've got yellow in my head. It's about the only color that is not in any wedges. Maybe mount them on a light yellow and make dark yellow centers to pull them in and then sash the blocks with the dark yellow.

Okay, who knows. Don't have to decide that this week.

Take care and have a great Friday. We're trying to pick a place for lunch. I love Friday lunch out.



Kath said...

like your thinking Lane, yellow is the way to go in my humble opinion.

lw said...

Yellow would give it a really lovely 30s feel. It's a great idea.

Elizabeth said...

Those turned out so well!

And yellow! Yes! What you described would look really WOW!

xo -E

lindaroo said...

You really did a good deed in taking these apart and putting them back together. Honoring to the original maker and the history in the fabrics, but so much more attractive!
I like the idea of yellows, too!

scrappy101 said...

The selections you matched up are brilliant. You're a great match-maker, with the sensibility and compassion to keep the original quilter pieces together. Can't wait to see your quilting pattern on this. Thanks for sharing.