Sydney hates the carnival

We got there early. Too early for Sydney to enjoy the rides. So, we went first and had corndogs and ribbon fries and cotton candy.

Then, we went to the livestock barn. This is a longhorn calf. I thought she was sooo pretty. Just brown on her lips and her ears.

You think walking dogs is a pain, you should have seen this guy walking four goats. Chaos.

Or, this boy walking a longhorn cow. Later, we saw her calf, too. These folks come in and stay for days. They have little encampments of lawn chairs where they congregate and read and talk. And, they exercise and groom their animals.

Sydney got a tattoo. I hope giving them to her now satisfies a need that she won't need to satisfy later.

Couple of hours later and there were more people in the park.

See how Sydney hates the carnival?

Lot's of stuff to see.

That Sydney will ride anything. I was taught to be afraid of the rides. She is fearless and we encourage that. Be fearless in safe ways.

Look at that smile. Worth every penny we spent yesterday...and we spent considerable pennies. It's so nice to be able to.

She can generally get Rob on one ride. Me, not.

This one goes way up and then drops her.

But, just once per ride.

We tried to do the bar-b-que cookoff. But, that didn't really fit in with us. It was about standing in line for a sample of each group's bar-b-que and then leaving a donation to the rodeo scholarship fund. That was an event for beer drinkers to stand and visit. Fourteen year olds can't drink beer and they don't stand and visit well. She did it for over an hour and then we were back at the carnival. What we wanted was to pick a tent and eat; bar-b-que brisket and chicken and sides; potato salad and beans and bread. And, that's not what it was about. So, I had a carnival chicken k-bob and a giant pretzel and Sydney had a slice of NY style pizza and a slushy and Rob had a philly steak sandwich.

We were going to do the rides again, but someone gave out.

It probably shouldn't, but it brings tears to my eyes to remember it. Life is made for days like this. Work is done for days like this. Children are for days like this.

Everybody take care and have a great Sunday. We'll be treating our sunburns.



joseph said...

Looks like a fun day was had by all:-)

Marie said...

Looks like you all had a great day!
Lane, could you please post the link for the website with your Birthday blocks on it? I just love them and think I would like to do them for my B/D quilt as well. Thanks.
Marie in B.C.

Impera_Magna said...

Yup... kids were made for this... just watching them on rides makes me happy!

Good on you two for wearing out a teenager!

Marla said...

You pictures put a smile on my face today!

qltmom9 said...

OOOOOHHHH!!! I love this post! My grandparents were carnies and I ~love~ the fair. I wish I could go ride with her (even tho' it is not as fun as I age). FUN post. My fave thing is your obvious delight in who Sydney is. Funny that our fair is 3 months away, but my 8yo JUST asked to go! I try to teach them to enjoy too.


regan said...

Sounds like you all had a blast! Awesome!

Coloradolady said...

Well darn if I don't have tears in my eyes too!! What a fantastic fun day!! Great post Lane...wish I had been there too, although I am really not much on rides either!!

Kath said...

" Life is made for days like this. Work is done for days like this. Children are for days like this."

wise words Lane x

Shay said...

It looks like so much fun I wish I could have been there (I could have kept you company while Sydney was on those rides !)

Carla said...

It's crazy what they want for the rides and food at the rodeo carnival. I used to spend considerable pennies too when my daughter was that age and younger.But it is fun to watch their joy.
Did y'all see any of the performers?