Busy, busy

We had a wonderful birthday for Rob.  There is a video that will show how fun our day was.  He is crazy and interviewed people and videotaped our favorite antique stores.  And, there’s footage of us, just having fun. 
Yesterday, I wanted to make something, not quilty and not paper pieced.  I decided on a needle case.  I’ve been using this cosmetics kit and it has worked wonderfully.  Nice and large, but it has three zipper close pockets, and I’d have to open the pocket, take something out, then close it again and open it to take something else out, and if I didn’t keep everything zipped up, then things fell out. 
Earlier this year, I got a sunbonnet needle case and love it and wanted to make one.  One of my friendly followers sent me a link to the pattern.http://tipnut.com/26-free-tutorials-for-needle-books-cases/  And, there were a bunch of different needle cases there.  I was torn between two of them and decided to take elements from each to make my needle case. 
I used some fabric that my friend Suzanne sent me for my birthday last year.  Nice and masculine, although Sydney says it looks like a woman’s wallet.  Brat.
Anyway, the outside has one long pocket and one short one and an additional business card pocket.
Inside is all about the pockets and buttons.  Was going to use snaps, but they just didn’t seem sturdy enough. 
Two pockets on the left, one will hold my MP3 player when I travel.  And, there’s a narrow fabric strip with a velcro closure to hold two spools of thread. 
The center section is a pin cushion with a chip board back so the pins don’t go through and poke me.  And, a pocket for a thimble.  And a sleeve for either a pencil or a seam ripper.
The last section has scissors, and a needle case with felt to hold the needles. 
I’m pretty excited.  Oh, and that sunbonnet needle case? 
I made one of those, too.  I made some changes to the pattern and the pattern itself had some improvements over the one I bought on ebay.  It’s a nice little pursette with needles and pins in the front and a little pouch for thread and scissors and thread.  This would be the ideal thing to take to a quilting bee. 
But, today is Monday and that means back to work.  But, we definitely used the weekend to make us happy.
And, Sydney?  She just wanted to lay around yesterday, so she got what she wanted, too.
Everybody have a great Monday.  Rob’s video finished uploading last night, so it will post later today.


Becky said...

Gosh, the new needle case is so neat! I got one as a gift in a Secret Santa in participated in one year that I just love. I also bought a Sunbonnet one at a craft show, but it was flat...no place for thread. Just adorable. Glad you had fun this weekend. Looking forward to the video. Have a wonderful, unstressed, productive week!


Auntie Em said...

I've been wanting to make a personalized sewing kit. Yours came out great, and I can't believe you did it all in one day.

Hope Sydney had great success with her cake.

Pauline said...

Great design. I need to replace the one I made when I first started quilting, not practical, only hold pins and needles.
Glad you had such a nice day. Looking forward to the pictures.

Cynthia L. said...

I love the needle case. I have a pattern for one that is crazy quilted. I think it is fun to take a break from quilting sometimes!