Home again

It is nice to be home again. Someplace else is good, but home is great.

The visit was a nice one. Most of you have experienced uncomfortable visits with family. At least those of you that have moved away. At some point in your shared history, you diverged and you changed in ways that were not influenced by the folks back home and they changed in ways that were not influenced by you and no matter how hard you try to stay in touch, you become a different person, trying to go home and fit in with different people and you just aren't who you used to be and that's who they think of you as. Anyway, that's enough of a run-on sentence for you to understand what I'm trying to say. And, if you've never felt that way, then you wouldn't have understood no matter how many sentences I used. The thing is, trying to find a place where the different you and the different them can all fit together for a visit can be challenging. But, we all seemed to pull it off perfectly.

The whole visit was nice. It was splattered by little "incidents" where I had to be who I am, like needing to get back to the hotel in the evenings so I could have a few minutes to relax and settle into my routine before it was time to drop into bed. And, making sure I got three meals a day when they're used to two and a snack. We worked it out. I "got my back up" a couple of times. It happens. But, what happens after that is what's important and we worked through all that together.

The last night was the best night. It was my Mom and Dad, my Aunt, both my Sisters and both their Daughters and one of the Daughter's Boyfriend. We sat around and talked and laughed and laughed and talked and just all enjoyed one another so much in the evening. My Dad got pizza, which he should be saluted for because he doesn't eat pizza. And, we all had a very nice time.

When it was time for me to say my goodnights, everyone went home and I got a few quiet moments with my Mom and Dad to say our goodbyes and off I went.

Yesterday morning, I was up and loaded in the car and gassed up and on the road at 6:30 and after two very disappointing stops at antique shops that didn't have much that I wanted (I think I spent less than $20 including all three stops) I was home and unloading the car. I planted the few plants that I brought home and started putting enough stuff away that I could get through the night.

I woke this morning with a goal to rearrange the sewing room closet and clean everything up...so I can fit yet another machine and another bin of stuff into it that came from my Mom.

Y'all watch for some freebies, especially some cross stitch stuff. That stuff is beautiful and I'd love to get it places it will be used.

I wanted to show a couple of pics. First is this quilt that my Mom made in the '70's. This was the beginning of the quilting comeback. It is hand pieced, hand quilted and hand bound. It had a tear and I inserted a piece of fusible and ironed it down and now the quilt is in the wash, so it can be stored with the collection of family quilts. I'm glad to have another one that my Mom made. She gave it to me on Saturday and I spent the next two nights under it. The maid made my bed, using this as the bedspread. How nice. She could have wadded this on the floor and used their spread, but she didn't. And, she took good care to line it up right on the bed each day.

This is the quilt shop I went to. It's in an old house. Great place. When I got there, the parking lot was full from her first class of the day.

I bought some batiks, one piece of civil war repro and I FOUND THE BACKGROUND FABRIC FOR THE JUBILEE QUILT. I had no idea where that came from, and I've been hunting because I have a fear of running out. So, I took my blocks in to look for batiks and when I came across the bolt, I snatched it up and bought all that was left...which got me a discount.

This picture's for Bonnie. Bonnie, you are truly everywhere. You have made it into the small town quilt shops. They didn't have a lot of books and patterns, mostly fabric. So, when I saw this display with not one, but two of your books, I had to take a picture for you.
Everybody have a great Tuesday. I'm trying to decide whether to challenge myself to make 50 linus quilts or donate the fabric to goodwill.
My scraps have taken over. I see another challenge to cut for 15 minutes a day until they are back in control. I did that last year and I think the year before. But, it's definitely time again.


Gisela Suski said...

If you do not make the linus quilt find a Lutheran church in your area who make quilts Lutheran World Relief. Great organization or a group who make dresses for children.

Patricia said...

So glad you arrived back home safe and sound and had a great visit. What you shared about returning home after living away is so true. Although I no longer have parents that I visit, I try to remember this when my adult children return home. As a parent, it is really difficult at times because although my children are certainly well pass the age of "majority", they are still my children and reconcilling that is sometimes a challenge.

Love your mother's quilt! and such a considerate cleaning staff person. I bet as she (or perhaps he) made your bed, that quilt brought back pleasant memories, or else they wouldn't have been as careful and thoughtful in arranging it. Just think, that quilt might have "made" their day as well as "made" your bed!

Have a good day!

Marla said...

Lane, I do know what you mean about "going home again." It happens with getting together with old friends too. I have a girlfriend that I get together with about once or twice a year at the most and find after the first few minutes talking that we really don't have much to say. Can be pretty depressing to say the least. Usually a relief to say our goodbyes again. Glad you had a nice visit with family.

Bonnie K Hunter said...

Thank you thank you for taking me along with you on this home journey! I have strained relationships in my family too --- there is a reason I live clear across the country from my relatives! But We are having a family reunion for 4th of July ---we'll see how that goes!

And I'm thrilled you thought of me and took a pic of the books!! THANK YOU!


Kath said...

I know exactly what you mean Lane, the moment you step through their door, you're 10 years old again!
I do like Moms quilt, how thoughtful of the maid to place it so carefully on your bed.
Shame we aren't neighbours, I would swap you cakes for your scraps :-D

Elizabeth said...

That quilt from your mom is beautiful!

So glad you had an enjoyable stay with your family.

xo -E

scrappy101 said...

Love the quilt, am planning on doing one in a very similar pattern.

Visits back home can be a strain, yes I can understand.

I have not been able to seek out treasures on my last few car trips, but the hunting is fun.

One Minnesota Quilter said...

First, glad you had a good visit.

2nd, the quilt your Mom made....the print fabric that is in the "sashing" part looks very familiar to me. I am almost positive my mother had something made out of that, or was that sheets from way back? Anyway, it's cool that you have that quilt.

3rd, how neat that the person made your bed with the quilt! Did you ask them to do that? I don't think I have ever heard of that before.


Carla said...

I understand. I don't get back to Missouri to often to visit with my dad but when I do it's nice but different. We all live different lives but I always cry when I leave.
That was a cool thing for the cleaning staff to do at your hotel.