I have made it to my home town, West Monroe, LA. Eight hours from my home to here. Somehow, I managed to get a late start yesterday and then had to go back home once before I got on the highway...this getting old thing sucks. Anyway, the drive was uneventful. I only stopped in one antique shop because I was afraid the family would be waiting for me with supper and I didn't want to be late. But, I made note of where the shops are so I can stop on the way home.

Some of the drive was sad. The highway runs through a bunch of small towns and it is widening in several of them. Where once there were stately homes from early in the 20th century, lining the roads, now there are just shells and construction and destruction. Sad to see. Houses too big to be moved, and too stately to fall for the expansion of a single road through town.

I got here and had a nice dinner with my Mom and Dad at a little restaurant near their house, way out in the country. Good ole home cookin'. Lots of grease and fried foods. All the stuff that's good once in a while, even if it's not good for you. And, we had a nice visit and then I headed back to the hotel to crash.

The hotel isn't anything special. Certainly not as nice as I'm used to staying in when I travel for business, but much less expensive than any of those hotels and all I needed was a room and my expectations of that room were that it be clean and quiet and it is both of those.

I've had coffee and I've made some mariner's compass sections and Rob and I have had a video chat and now, I'm getting ready to head out on my only planned stop while here, which is to the local quilt shop. I'm going to ask her to let me take photos today and give them a calling card. And, pick up some batiks!! Yeah!

It's a good thing I didn't expect the room to be well decorated. I am not fond of blue, red and purple, all put together, tho Sydney would be in hog heaven with all the bright colors.

I was intrigued by the bedspread, with the interlocking squares. That would be a fun quilt pattern...in different colors.

Okay, that's it for me. The day is begun, things must be done and people must be visited.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday. Lane

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Kath said...

Lots of grease and fried foods.

nothing wrong with a treat now and then :-)

I did smile when I read you had to drive back n=home for something. I went out the whole day yesterday wearing odd earrings (very dissimilar too) and neither myself nor my husband noticed, poor old duffers that we are LOL