Is anyone in the witness protection program?

Or otherwise object to having your picture on the internet?

No one in this class.

This is us. At this point, they were drawing on their class sandwiches. I had 5 templates to pass around and everybody traced them and tried out new marking tools. We found things that worked. The pounce was not a success, likely because we were handling our sandwiches too much after we marked them.

These were cool. V. brought them in. They take the place of gloves and are sticky on one side. No need to pull gloves on and off. She got her pair as a trial from the designer at Clever Craft Tools.

Everybody quilting away. The store staff kept coming by and checking on us because it was so quiet, but that's because everybody was busy and focused. Notice all those hands flat on the machine beds and elbows out and sitting up.

One of the ladies walked in and I recognized her. Didn't take but a few seconds to realize I'd seen her in the grocery store that morning. How coincidental is that??? Out of all the people in Austin, we were both in the same store at the same time, two hours before class. Hmmmm. And, I'd just thought when I was going in "what if I ran into someone from class in here?"

I came up with a list of things I didn't say yesterday or answers to questions that I needed time to think about. Like, how did we get a bent needle (I'm pretty sure it was from too much tension and a stitch length that was too long...unfortunately, I didn't think of that until 3am and decided the quilter didn't want to know that bad.)

The only mishap was this. I tore my supreme slider! Noooooooo! Fortunately, the store had stocked up and I was able to get another one right there.

Of course, I couldn't help but buy something from my list of recommended supplies that I didn't already own. The plastic pieces to fit my basting pins. And, last night, I sat in the living room, an exhausted zombie, and clipped them to the pins. I had enough for most of my pins, but not all.

This morning, I pieced a Jubliee block . That's block 11 and I think I might be able to piece one more today.

Hope everyone has a great Easter. Our A/C went out last night...not such a terrible thing in Spring. Thank Heaven it didn't go out in August. So, we're sucking all the cool air into the house we can this morning. Lunch plans were moved from the oven to the grill.



Impera_Magna said...

Looks as if you all had fun and got a lot accomplished... gonna have to look for those blue things with the sticky backs... I am t-i-r-e-d of taking gloves off and on!

Anonymous said...

I went and looked at your new block done for your Jubliee quilt. You did a fantastic job of putting the dark green strips in the points. You really didn't mention how the class went, if you enjoyed it or not. Remember it takes time for people to 'warm-up'
to a new teacher. Thanks for sharing.

lw said...

Yep-- I want to hear more about how the class went. And I'm totally going to get those grippers-- those gloves work well, but taking them on and off all the time is annoying. I have a "quilt halo" but it's harder to manipulate than the disks are.

Anonymous said...

Lane, you and Rob are inspiring partners. I showed my DH the extension table Rob made and said I would like one and phtt just like that, he went off to the garage and ferretted around and now I have an extension table which fits my Bernina perfectly. Thanks so much to you andn Rob.
Just waiting for the paint to dry and I will be using it.
Love your pink silk quilt, looking forward to seeing it finished. Wish I was closer to get to some of the awesome classes you and other bloggers do but its a bit far from Australia.
Marie in West.Aus.

Elizabeth said...

I love those pin grips!

And what a great group for your class! So glad you enjoyed it.

Also, I think when you hit 12 jubliee blocks, you ought to post them all here because I'm lazy and don't want to click over to the other blog.

xo -E

Vesuviusmama said...

What is the point of the plastic pieces on the pins, anyway?