The result

The result of cleaning in the sewing room last Tuesday may not be all I hoped it to be.  I’ve ended with this pile of project boxes and bins, all empty and I don’t have a place to store empties…yet


And, this is my pile of scraps.  You thought I was kidding when I said my scraps were over running the sewing room.  But, I wasn’t.  They were just spread out, so I didn’t have to acknowledge how many there are. 


But, patience must be applied here.  This is where my commitment to cut for 15 minutes a day.  This is a week’s worth.


It doesn’t look like a lot, but there are enough scraps cut and trimmed to sizes there to make a quilt of squares and bricks.  But, I won’t.  I’ll save them for something else. 

But, now that I’ve taken pics, I can file them away in the scrap users system. 


All waiting and waiting until I’m done with cutting and ready to piece. 

Now, when is that again?



Coloradolady said...

I so need to do something like this....I really never quiet "got" how that system of Bonnie's would work until I joined in that Jubilee quilt sew along...and one day...the light turned on and I got it!! I figured out instead of cutting, I could just be pulling from scraps already cut. I need to work on this too!! Mine is a BIG MESS!!! Have a great weekend!!

Patricia said...

You are so organized! Diane has gifted me with a lot of scraps (I LOVE scraps), but now I need to figure out a way to organize them, or better yet, cut them like you do. I am just not that "organized" or should I say, I am LAZY! Have a great day.

judy crumpler said...

A leader & ender project by yr machine is a great thing happy quilting

Kath said...

why do other peoples scraps make my mouth water LOL