Eye candy

I walked through the back yard this morning, taking pictures. I love walking through my garden every morning. Every day, even though it's the same, there's always something different.

That dusty miller in the front of this bed started out of a six pack and it just lasts through everything. I have to cut it back, or I guess it would take over the whole bed. I love junk in my beds, not just flowers. My flamingoes and sun dial and statues and signs.

This corner got some extra care this year. It was a place that didn't work out with what I originally put there; not enough sun and two feet to the left, too much sun. So, I changed it to ferns on the shady side and phlox on the sunny side and so far, it's looking terrific. I put caladiums in the front for some color, but you can't really see them yet. Soon. The mailbox holds clippers and spade and a knife so I don't have to walk all the way across the yard to cut something or dig a hole.

This used to be just vegetables, but that doesnt' work for me. So, there are still tomatoes in there and there will be carrots. But, there are also daylilies and plumbago and dahlia's. And, two of my potted lemon trees, each of which has a lemon baby or two.

Mable was out with me, scouting the ground for scent of anything that's been back there. There was a baby possum living in one of my beds, in some pipes that Mable couldn't get in to. That worried her and I could barely get her to leave it and come inside. but, it must have outgrown the pipes and moved on. We aren't having that problem any more (and I know she didn't catch it). Now, it's squirrel!

My sewing is all packed up. Ready to go in the car. I have not packed one garment. But, I did take time this morning to sort out batiks for 4 Jubilee blocks so I didn't have to take my tubs. I'm not going to have that kind of time to sew and don't know why I even picked for 4. I'll have something to do any time I'm at the hotel. I also packed finger work, just in case I get a chance while we're visiting. My fabrics and my quilting give me comfort, just having them near. But, I have to keep in mind that it's not practical to take too much because I likely won't touch most of it.

After I got my emotions in control yesterday, I was able to deal with all those people I was so annoyed with. I dealt with them with grace and with honesty. Soon as I calmed down and found both my grace and my honesty, things got better.

Everybody have a great day! Tomorrow, it's all books on CD and driving in the fast lane.



Vesuviusmama said...

Have a great trip, Lane! I've got a cup of coffee, and I'm settled in to see what you've been doing these last few months when I haven't been reading blogs. (I don't even know where you are going yet!) But, like you, I like to pack my sewing stuff, even if I'm not sure I'll get to it - it is a comfort to have nearby.

lw said...

I remember a very wise woman once saying to me that when people annoy you, you can look at it like they're trying to serve you a plate of garbage. You don't have to eat it, you can just walk away.

Becky said...

Safe travels and enjoy your trip. I hear ya about packing stuff to do. I never leave the house without a hand stitch project, a knitting project and puzzle books. Covers all the bases. If I am not exercising my fingers I am exercising my mind! I love your garden. We have too much shade, crappy soil, hungry deer, and a mow happy husband around here.....I have given up trying to have much of anything but the rhododendrons.

Kath said...

safe trip Lane, have a good break.

One Minnesota Quilter said...

I remember reading a few years ago that when visiting family members, in strained or difficult situations, it's best to go as an observer and not as a participant.

That was very helpful advice for me and I followed it for quite a few years (still do sometimes) as things changed, and in some cases healed, over time.

Hope you have a safe, enjoyable and loving visit with your family.