Close-ups from the quilt show

As we walked through the quilt show the other weekend, I would point to particular quilts I wanted pictures of. I'd given Sydney specific instructions. Take a picture of the quilt and take a readable picture of the tag. She also did a good job. We saw some beautiful work.

I hope these two pics will show side by side. That's how they displayed this quilt, with the left side folded over so you could see the intense quilting from the back. Isn't that wondermous? I don't know what kind of machine, but doesn't matter. Beautiful quilting is beautiful quilting.

This next one is the 7 year quilt. You can't see it in this picture, but the quilting is intense and tiny and fabulous. It took her 5 years to quilt it and another 2 years of applique. I should have recognized it as a Piece o' Cake design.

Okay, so not going to say anything about this next quilt. You read about it.

Apparently, you are never too old for needlework. This might be a Ruby McKim pattern. I love Ruby McKim patterns and have one of her flower patterns that I want to do.

I'll share a few more of my fave's as the week goes on.

On my quilting, I'm at that point in the silk quilt where lots of work doesn't look like anything. I spent 2 hours marking the greek key border on Sunday and all my quilting time yesterday and today was spent tying and tucking threads for my starts and stops. I'm doing the outline work for the greek key, but am very distracted by the next Mariner's compass block. It just keeps calling and calling..."Lane.....Lane....you know I'm beautiful. Why don't you make me. Lane.....Lane....get your sew on."

And, I've started a pile of stuff to take to quilt class on Saturday. Now, it's time to take a more serious look and start pulling stuff out of the pile. Or, rent a trailer to haul it all in. And, I'm redesigning the class so that I can give some practice work in the two weeks between sessions.

Lots to do. So little focus and concentration.

I guess I'm still not even sure it's happening. Saturday morning, after a week of denial, I'll probably be running around like a chicken without a head, trying to figure everything out. But, for today, I am in the bliss of not being nervous about it.

Everybody have a great Tuesday. Anybody have a favorite tip from a previous teacher they'd like to share? Don't be shy.



Patricia said...

Loved the show----you have a very good crew. Your young lady is now such a lady. Even carrying her purse like ladies do :c). She was actually looking interested in the quilt--good for her and you.

Now for the tip---if your points don't come together exactly and it is really bugging you, get a fabric marker---permanent ink of course, and draw them in. The quilting will usually take care of it and if someone is that close to your quilt to notice, make sure they don't drool! :c)

Have a great remainder of the week!

Becky said...

Sydney was a great photographer! Loved, loved, loved the quilts shown. I hope I am still stitching something at age 95!!

You'll do great at the class. I have every confidence in you!

Kath said...

I have huge respect for the Mom who did that amazing embroidery in her 90s That'll be you Lane, a quilt over your lap, in your rocker, stitching away in your dotage :-)

Coloradolady said...

Lane, walk into the shop like you own the place...your skills will be a wonder of all your students!! Y ou will do great!

One Minnesota Quilter said...

I really admire the hand quilting that took 5+ years. Think about the quilts that our foremothers/fathers did with such poor tools and light that had that much quilting - how long did they take?

And to be doing handwork at 95? Wow! that one is great too.

Tip: Don't put other teachers down. If you don't know something - simply say, "I don't know" but I'll find out - and then do your homework.

You'll do great. :)


Mamma Bears Fault said...

The most memorable tips I have received from quilters are:

1: There are no mistakes in quilting, just design opportunities.

2. If you were on a horse and went galloping by while displaying your quilt, would anyone notice that the points don't quite match?

Lessons I have learned while teaching in public schools -
1. Have a game plan...doesn't mean you have to follow it. 2. Go into your class as yourself! 3. Be honest about what you do and don't know. 4. Enjoy what you are doing....if you're not, they're not.

Marla said...

Love the state flower quilt. I have to confess that it brought tears to my eyes though. My mother made quilt blocks just like these but never finished them. My sister did though after my mama died at 69 in 1989. She would have been 93 today if she had lived. Many memories I have of her embroidering those blocks.

Tips from quilt teachers?
1. When quilting, a glass of wine goes a long way in relaxing you. Also play some music in the background.
2. Don't look at the needle but about an inch in front of the needle when freemotion quilting. Your needle automatically goes where your eyes are looking.
3. Bring a pan of goodies. One teacher I had brought a big pan of apple dumplings with recipes for all of us and really broke the ice for all of us.

You will be great! I wish I could be there!