A glass half full day

Yesterday was a strange day. Sydney was out of school and Rob was off work and I was supposed to work but we had too many things going on with appointments and the repair guy and then Sydney started running a fever and I ended up not getting enough actual work done to make it count as a work day.

Despite all that, the glass remained half full...Sydney had no cavities at the dentist's office and they had a credit balance for me after an insurance payment, so I didn't even have to pay any out of pocket to get her teeth cleaned. The A/C repair was pretty cheap; a burned out capacitor. Took him 5 minutes to diagnose and another 5 to repair. And, he checked out the system, and pronounced it sound. The quilt store had the bag of stuff I'd left there on Saturday, just waiting for me. And, I added a few batik fat quarters to my stash because, hey, I was there and they were there and then I wasn't going to be there and so they had to come home with me. And, the family therapist once again confirmed that I am not crazy...always good news. In fact, if Sydney hadn't been feeling crappy, it would have been a pretty stellar day.

At the end of the day, Rob came in with mail and he had two squishy's for me. Now, I don't get much mail and what I do get is usually bills, so for me to get TWO squishy's is not just a good thing, it's a great thing.

The first was from Lori at Humble quilts. She's making a little boy cowboy quilt and asked if anyone had scraps to share. I have a bin of cowboy fabrics and I shared and she shared back. Civil War repros and batiks. Yeah, me!! Trade what I have for what I want. You guys know what I'm doing with the batiks, and someday, I'm going to find the right pattern for my collection of civil war repros. I'll add these to the basket. It's a "one day" quilt when I have everything I'm going to need; the right pattern, the right fabrics and the right mind set. Thanks Lori for getting me one bit closer.

The next squishy was something I bought last year and at the last minute, the seller couldn't find it and cancelled the sale and refunded my purchase price. She promised to send it, if she found it. And, she did!

Cute little bonnet, about the size of my palm.

The visor part opens to expose a needle case and if you unsnap it, there's a bit of a bag, to use for thimble and thread. I am so excited to have this. It's dirty and stained, but it's very unique. I'd like to clean it, but haven't quite figured out how yet. I think the visor might be cardboard and I'd rather have it dirty than ruin it trying to clean it. But, I might be able to figure it out and reproduce it in a more usable version.

Cute, cute. Reminds me of my Grandmother's bonnets that she wore to work in the fields when I worked with them in the summer, growing vegetables. Except hers was never dirty. It was faded from being scrubbed, but never dirty. My Mom had it last time I saw it. Somewhere along the way, I bought a pattern to make one...not sure why, it's not like I'd ever get to wear it and before you think I'm weird, I also have my Grandfather's fedora hats. I'm hoping that the instructions from that pattern and this little bonnet will show me enough to make a new one for me to use.

Today, I started packing for my weekend trip to see my folks. You know you're a quilter when you pack your sewing machine before you pack your underwear. I'm taking a couple of Jubilee blocks to work on in the early mornings because we are early risers and I will have lived half my day before everybody else gets out of bed. And, Rob and I added Skype to our laptops so we can video chat while I'm there. It will almost be like being home.

Lane and Rob; joining the 21st century.

Everybody have a great Tuesday!



Barb H said...

Have a great weekend visit. I think you'll like Skype. We use it all the time to visit with our daughter in Bulgaria. And Don uses it to chat with his farflung golf buddies.

Patricia said...

Don't you love surprise mail!!!! Glad your class went well. Your quilting is beautiful and the class will learn a lot. Enjoy your time at home with family.

Vesuviusmama said...

Two squishies is definitely a banner day!