I can do just about anything

Sydney and I made Jelly this weekend.  Before class on Saturday, I took a gallon and a half of Mayhaws and turned them into juice.  Mayhaws are little fruits that look like a crabapple, but taste like a berry.  And, when you mix them with enough sugar, you get a wonderful jelly.

These are the berries that my dad picked up from his trees while I was there weekend before last.  His trees are loaded and I was willing to take all that he would give me.  I washed them a couple of times to get the grit and grass and leaves out of them.

And, then I boiled them in my big pot with water and drained the juice off and then mashed and boiled them again.  
And, then on Sunday, Sydney and I ended up with a bunch of jars of wonderful Jelly.  She and I have been enjoying it every morning for breakfast. 

I know that men think and talk about things diffferently.  Christine pointed it out in a blog not long ago.  But, I can't think of any other way to say it.  The second border on the red silk quilt kicks major butt. 

Unfortunately, I can do just about anything.  I think of myself as a renaissance man.  But, I'm having a heck of a time trying to make this stupid blog post.  I don't know what I could possibly be doing wrong in trying to reorder my pictures and get text between them.  But, this has been the most frustrating half hour.  And, it did not need to be!!!  I'm pretty upset with google right now. 


lw said...

I agree about the border. It does kick some major @ss.

The jelly looks wonderful. I bet it would taste great on pancakes.

Shevvy said...

I say a lot worse than that in real life! I don't often put it into my blog though. I don't know why, maybe I use the same voice I use when talking to my Mum - where swearing is only for very exceptional circumstances!

Michelle said...

Download Windows Live Writer and you will be so much happier. I promise. It took all my frustrations away!

Pauline said...

Thank you for spending the time to show me this beautiful work!
Mayhaw, ahhhhh, now that's living!
Agarita berries are ripe here in the Texas Hill Country? Pioneers use to make jelly from them, but my oh my what a chore to get the berries!

Auntie Em said...

I have never heard of mayhaws, but that jelly sure does look yummy.

So, did you intentionally match your quilt photos to your mayhaws? :-)

Hope your blogging problems get squared away soon.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, hold on there Tex. Careful what you say about us software writers. I don't work for Google (but don't agree that they suck) but I do write software for a living. I am also a quilter and a follower of your blog. Love reading your blog, it's one of the few I follow. And please don't give up blogging because of a few alignment issues. Since I read the mobile version, I do not see the alignment issues anyway. Is it worth getting that worked up about - as long as we can read your words and see your pics of your gorgeous quilting, that is all that matters.

Cynthia L. said...

I have never heard of a Mayhaw, but I have to agree, the jelly looks wonderful. I love making jams and jellys. Our new house has 5 apple trees! Guess what I will be doing this fall?

I love the quilting and it does kick ass. Then again, all of your work kicks ass!

Carla said...

Were You trying to be politically correct with the Kick butt... LOL
I don't know if I've ever heard of Mayhaw's either. Do you have bush of them in your yard? Looked tasty.

P. said...

My southern grandma used to make mayhaw jelly, and I loved it on her biscuits when we'd visit from way up north here. Up until your post, though, I've never known what they actually looked like. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.