And in the heavens, a star shone to light their way...

Okay, maybe I've taken the drama one step too far. But, I did make a star and I did finally find a few minutes to log into the internet. We're going out in a little while to look at and photograph lights in the neighborhood. I've been baking all day; a pumpkin cheesecake and a lemon meringue pie...I know, that one's not too Christmassy, but I have all those lemons, after all, and a pie used up three of them.

This little quilt is to go on a round table between our two recliners in the family room. I have one more to start that's a little log cabin to cover a cabinet. I'd like those two finished when we take the cmas decorations down on NY weekend so I can put them out when the house goes back together. We've been using a cmas quilt turned upside down between the chairs...hey, it worked, but it wasn't very pretty.

Hope your holidays are working smoothly. I'm sure I'll post some of the pictures we take tonight as a cmas wish tomorrow. Take care. Lane

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kwiltmakr said...

Any snow down there Lane? I heard Texas had some. If you look it should be blowing your way. Snow here all day and winds of about 40 to 60 mph out of the north. It will continue through tomorrow sometime. Have a Merry Christmas.