Lovely days

What a wonderful 3 day weekend. Sydney was out of school on Friday and instead of having to work a half day, one of my deadlines got pushed back and I had the whole day off. We played and we had fun and we did a little last minute shopping for her bedroom stuff and some little gifts and to take advantage of all the JoAnn's coupons I could...and I used most of them.

Saturday, I quilted and they raked leaves. Another fun day for all of us. The neighbors came and brought presents, wonderful things for us all. They made sugar plums this year from a recipe he found on the internet. They were WONDERFUL and I intend to try to find the recipe today...all dried fruits and nuts and honey and holiday spices. Then we went out for a little dinner at our favorite Mexican Restaurant. I got my fill of holiday tamales. The tamales made me stay up late and I got the binding on Sydney's quilt, even though the last of the quilting wasn't done. But, I knew if it was bound, I could give it to her at Cmas and finish later if I had to.

Yesterday, after the grocery, I spent the day in the kitchen, making a dip for today's potluck at the office, baked ravioli, and two pans of chicken enchiladas, then Sydney and I made gingerbread cookies and decorated them. Neither of us had ever done that before and you can see from the picture that our efforts taste better than they look. But, hey, taste is what it was all about. She worried me crazy...are we still going to bake cookies? Can I cut them out? Are we going to decorate the cookies? Can I decorate? I did one or two and just gave her the pastry bag. She had a ball and some of them are cute in a kid-happy kind of way. And, with all the sugar on top, you can imagine that they taste fantastic. Too bad the frosting was a little too thick and because I'd never decorated cookies before, I didn't know it until we were well under way and I wasn't going to step back and do anything about it. Oh, well. Live and learn.

After my shower, all I could do was lay on the couch. But, it was fun while it lasted.

Take care and have a great day. Make a happy holiday memory if you can. Lane


Barb said...

What a lucky little girl ...... I hope she knows how lucky she is....

Riet said...

What a lovely day you had with your daughter. I am sure she will treasure these days as time goes by so quickly.
Have a wonderful Christmas

Stephanie said...

Ohhh, I want one of those cookies! you remind me of my husband, he has a daughter from a previous marriage and when she was younger, I remember how precious his time with her was. He is now 20 and so grown up and away at college. The time flies by so enjoy every minute.

BTW, don't you love JoAnne's coupons. I don't buy anything anymore without one.

Happy holidays, Stephanie