The great Christmas Orphan event

I've never done this before, but I hear from lots of other quilters that they hurriedly finish those orphan blocks to give them away as cmas gifts. And this year I had orphan blocks that were perfect to finish and give. These are two extra January blocks from Bunny Hill A tisket, A tasket 2009 BOM. I was just learning to applique and these two blocks were my discards. But, they were just too cute to throw away, so I've been planning all year to add a little of this and a little of that and turn them into gifts. I even had left over binding I was able to use and they went together very fast this weekend, with just a little outline and ditch quilting. They're rustic and the quilting lines aren't at all straight, but they made me want to keep one.

I also got 50 - 5"x10" feathers quilted into Sydney's cmas quilt and one of the border sections. Feathers are fun, but we all got a good laugh at how my mood affects my quilting. Stress meant lots of tiny feathers perfectly spaced along the spine and being relaxed meant large fluid feathers with big loopy petals. And, unfortunately, I started in the center because the more I made, the better they looked. I've decided that if I get all the feathers in before the holiday, I can bind it and give it to her, and then finish quilting the blocks later....you know, during that mythical first of the year when we should be finishing UFO's and instead we're picking out BOM's.

Y'all take care and have a great Monday. I'm interviewing candidates to fill an opening in my department this week. Serious work, so I guess this week's feathers will all be teeny tiny. Lane


Riet said...

Those squares are gorgeous Lane and perfect gifts for someone lucky. Great idea. I am curious how Sydney's quilt is going to be

Coloradolady said...

What a great idea...Lane these are really pretty....and I had to laugh, my mood effects everything around here...lol

Becky said...

What a neat idea. I hope that I can get back in the quilt gear again soon. I absolutely don't know where last week went at.all. Every time I blink days have blown by!

Sunshine said...

Can't believe you even let the thought of throwing those practice blocks away enter your mind *LOL* That would have been an absolute shame! Good use!


Vesuviusmama said...

What a great gift idea! They look fantastic - like that was their original purpose.