A new foot

This is my new foot for my Bernina 930. I've wanted one of these forever, but thought; oh, really, how much difference can a foot really make, huh??? I am surprised. I finally figured out a way to get it for less than the $35 price that a real Bernina foot costs. I have an adapter that converts me to a low shank foot, so that's what I got, and a generic low shank foot was about $13. Okay, so what difference did it really make? My stitches got longer. Right away. I'm still practicing feathers and this morning, I switched back to the old darning foot which has a circle about one quarter the diameter of this foot. And, my stitches got tiny again. I like a nice long stitch, at least 1/8 inch, and I was having trouble consistently moving the fabric fast enough to do that in my free motion work. Switched to this foot and my stitches immediately lengthened and my curves became more even.

The feathers are getting better. I've done about 32 and now I can plan what I want the feather to look like and how much space I want it to take up and I can make it do that. I just haven't figured out which design I like best; large petals, overlapping petals, small petals with outlines, make the petals larger to fill in the corners, start in the center, start in a corner? I just keep trying different combinations but none have spoken to me yet. And, since there are soooo many squares and rectangles to fill, I want to find just the right one and use it consistently.
That ugly fabric I'm using for my practice piece? That's something I picked up when I was making Linus quilts. What was I thinking? Poker and chips for a teenage boy? That wasn't going to make me very popular. So, I asked Sydney to look in her stash for something ugly for me to play with. This is what she gave me. We agreed it was the ugliest one either of us owned.
Take care and have a great day today. Send my Mom some well wishes if you get a chance. She's going to have a little routine maintenance work done on Thursday. I'm not exactly sure what that means and I've learned not to ask women to explain things they word so delicately. It's just best not to know. Talk to you soon on the blog. Lane


kwiltmakr said...

It is amazing what a difference that little open spot in the circle can make. Glad you got a good deal on it.

Riet said...

That is amazing. Great deal

Vesuviusmama said...

Well wishes are winging their way to your mom! And how exciting to get a new foot! I need to upgrade my equipment at some point. Sometimes I fuss at my results, knowing full well that better equipment and maintenance of my supplies WILL make a difference.

Leah Day said...

The best feet are those that allow you to see all around the needle.

That's great about finding a way to get essentially the same foot for a cheaper price. It always pays to get a good deal!

Coloradolady said...

Sending well wishes to your mom.....hope all goes well.

Quiltluver said...

Hope things turn out well with your mom. Your post reminds me that I bought a shank adapter and a curve master foot for my Bernina at the Houston quilt show a couple of years ago and I've never used it! Embarrassed to say I don't know where it is... Karen