Let the buyer beware...

I have always had good luck on ebay. I've recently bought bobbins and the foot I showed yesterday and before postage got so high, I bought a lot of stuff there. Always a pleasant transaction. This week, I found fabric on ebay....Oooh! Inexpensive fabric; a quilter's heaven. But, I was leary of buying something I couldn't see so I didn't dive right in. I decided to start with a little honeybun of the most fantastic set of brown fabrics. Perfect for a log cabin table runner for the living room. I bid, I won, I paid, I waited.

Da da da dummmmm. What I got was not what I expected. None of the fabrics in the honeybun were in the photo on ebay. The ebay photo showed a perfect set of matched fabrics, with an even mix of darks and lights. This is what I got.

They don't go together and frankly, some of them are down right ugly. And, even though the seller guaranteed 100% satisfaction, they aren't answering my emails. So, all that I can think to do is replan my log cabin and toss these in the scrap bin. They'll be perfect to cross cut into squares for some small scrap quilt...someday. And, I'll have to pull new fabrics for my log cabin. I might go ahead and use a couple of these, especially the lighter ones. But, all together, they don't amount to much.

I did a few more feathers last night and then I decided it was time to stop practicing and put the quilt in the machine. I got started on the ditch work, even though I still don't have a plan for what to do in all those squares and rectangles. I'm hoping that now that it's in my face, so to speak, it will tell me what it would like. Sydney found something she liked on the cover of my free motion book this morning, but I'm feeling a little intimidated by it. I brought the book with me to work today so i can look at it periodically. Lots of lines with a very gentle curve that even the author didn't get straight. Am I willing to try?

Take care and have a great Wednesday. We're one day closer to the weekend, but unfortunately, that means we're also one day closer to the holiday and I'm not really sure I'm quite ready for that. Lane


viridian said...

Well, it might be time for some negative feedback for this seller.
Maybe one or two of these fabrics would be usable? As for the others, as the old saying goes:"If the fabric is still ugly, you haven't cut it small enough."

Tammy said...

Yup Lane, that is some ugly fabric you got. I wonder what happened? Usually with ebay sellers, you get the item in the photo. I concur with viridian's old saying.

oh well, on another note, I am quilting a tie-dyed card trick variation queen size quilt for my daughter Shannon. On her advice, I am top stitching all the cards in matching threads, which is giving the quilt a 3d effect as well as an outline of the quilt top on the plain fabric quilt back. I am using zig zag on some cards and blanket stitch on others. It is looking gorgeous. I plan fmq the outside border. There are photos of the pattern and piecing stage on my blog. I plan to post the finish project once complete. ~sigh I am so far behind I believe I am first line. lol

Coloradolady said...

I would leave truthful feedback....maybe they will answer in a few days....if this is not what was shown...I'd file a complaint with paypal too....that is so frustrating!

kwiltmakr said...

I agree, truthful and negative feedback for that seller. So sorry about that for you Lane. I don't go to ebay because of that sort of thing.

Barb said...

Sometimes the most ugly fabric will turn out to make a project or quilt look just awesome!!

Kim said...

Okay, don't give up on that fabric and do not throw it away....if you really don't want it give to someone else.
But have you checked out all the free patterns from scraps and recycled clothes at Bonnie K. Hunter's web site? You'd be amazed at how beautiful the uglies can be!
Really google her name, make yourself a cup of coffee and look at all her FREE patterns!

Happy sewing