All done

All my blocks are done. Now, it's just squaring them up and at least one of them is going to have some seams ripped and put back in where I overlapped the centers too far and the block is just a bit narrow. Now, to pick a border and back and get this quilted and hung. It is going to be a roman shade for our bathroom. Merry Christmas to me! No more miniblind!

Since this is going to lead us kind of into a "country" decorating theme, do you think it's time for me to remind Rob of the antique medicine chest I bought at auction in Louisiana?

Mwahahahaaaa! See how my devious plan begins?

The girls got beat at basketball last night. Not just beat, but kicked, stomped, punched, had balls intentionally thrown in their faces...it was a shame. Even my own husky Syglet got hurt. I just wanted to stop on the way out and call the coach an assh*/# for letting his girls get away with that. We all agreed that if we'd had the ref we had last week, who had eagle eyes and was incidentally deaf, so we learned all the ref hand signals, we would probably have won last night's game. But, these girls were aggressive and way too competitive. Shame.

One day they'll be running our insurance companies and nursing homes.

Take care. I'll try to show the quilt once I get it all together and before I start quilting it. If you stare at it, circles just start to pop out. Or, maybe my blood pressure is a bit high. Either way, I'm enjoying it.



Barb H said...

Looks good, Lane. Shame about the unsportsman-like conduct at the game. hope Sydney's OK.

Em said...

I love your playfulness about deviousness! I say YES!!! remind him with gentility and love!

lw said...

The quilt looks great! Mine is still in quarter-block pieces all over my ironing board. I can't wait to put it together.

It would be a good idea to call the principal of the opposing team's school and complain about their lack of sportsmanship. Injuring the other team isn't about sports, it's assault and battery. Let him/her know you'll be filming the next game.

Marg said...

The quilt looks great, love that the circles pop out, so if your BP is high so is mine!
Shame about the opposing team's (un)sportsmanship.

Carol E. said...

Love the quilt.. the circles do pop... and it'll be a great addition in any bathroom. Impressive.

joana said...

QuedarĂ¡ muy muy bonita. Tengo ganas de hacer una similar!!