More blocks and good attitude

Well, the final count is going to be higher than the 12 I was hoping for and fewer than the 24 I was afraid I'd have to make. It's going to take 20 blocks and a border to cover our bathroom window. And, this thing just eats up fabric, it seems like. I can get 3 blocks out of a fat quarter. So, I have introduced some more additional fabrics to the original 4 FQ's I had. I'm up to 4 dark fabrics and 4 lights. And, because I've been using bits and pieces of lights, there are actually going to be more represented than the 4, but they're repeats of a shade and color in different prints.

This morning, I made my first block that came out wonky and will have to be taken partially apart. For some reason, two of the outer corners didn't fit right and I'm worried that I cut the "iron" shapes wrong. If so, it's just two seams to take out and a couple of cuts to make it right again. I've got fingers and toes crossed that's what it turns out to be.

A is for Attitude. So, if you caught yesterday's post, then you know about Sydney's english grade and how hard we're helping her to play basketball this week. Doesn't look like the teacher is going to get around to extra credit work in time, even after I begged for it. But, little Syglet is really being a trooper. She is keeping me up to date and she is participating. She read another chapter to me aloud yesterday, and while I kept having to hit the pause button and she got fed up with that, she didn't stay mad long and after I made her re-read a paragraph for mumbling, we got through the rest of the chapter just fine. Another chapter tonight. But, I've talked to Rob and to make up for the teacher not getting around to the extra credit and to reward her for the excellent attitude she has shown through all this, really participating and trying hard to do everything to bring her grade up, I'm willing to advance her a few points because good Attitude should count for an A.

We really want her to play every game and apparently the school isn't going to prevent her from playing based on what happened to her grade in a single week. And, if I'd had to fight with her all week, I would not be willing to budge a fraction of an inch. But, I haven't had to. I've actually enjoyed the book and it's been over a year since she had to read to me and she's gotten so much better. It's been joyful. Tonight, I hope to get to baste some hexes while she reads chapter 7. And, I so much want to reward what she is doing right.

Take care and have a great Tuesday. Lane


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I think you're striking the perfect parenting balance here. Im a big believer in effort and attitude being rewarded not just the result.

Love what you've got going on with those blocks !

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I can see the circles emerging in the pattern. You are amazing.

Also, isn't it nice when kids start to 'get' it. It makes the whole situation so much nicer and rewarding them is that much more rewarding for you. If only it were that way all the time. Keep at it!

xo -El