Busy hands...

Like any good quilter, you know I spent every second I could in the sewing room playing with my new toys over the weekend.

I got the featherweight oiled and lubed and made several of my Winding Ways blocks on it. Unfortunately, I spent so much time on it, I didn't get any new pictures made. I also used the serger. I still don't have a manual and still haven't oiled it, but using it a bit seemed to loosen up rubber parts and it got much quieter after I serged three FQ's. And, what a nice serged edge it was. I can't think of a single reason to own two sergers...well, except maybe that one came from my Mom and one was a real steal. But, I still have hopes of selling the babylock...at least I still have hopes.

I also worked on a variety of projects. I repaired the windshield washer hose on my car. After 3 years of driving without a windshield washer, I finally got tired of it and actually repaired it. I felt very manly with engine dirt on my hands. And, turns out that Sydney knows at least as much about under the hood of a car as I do. Very interesting. She posed working her way through law school as a grease monkey. Hey, why not?

I got my screen doors painted. That one weekend project is going to end up taking three after I repaired and primed the first weekend, painted on the second and rehang them on the third.

I also cooked for the week, making a roast, a pot of chicken soup, and pulled pork for sandwiches. And, I got the kitchen cleaned up. I hope to sweep and mop tonight and I won't have to keep the curtains closed to make sure the neighbors can't see in.

And, I moved/redesigned/changed around...whatever, all the electrical plugs in the sewing room. Okay, if you don't have a sewing room or studio, then imagine taking your entertainment center apart and rearranging all the wiring. That's what it's like to change plugs in my sewing room. And, I cleaned up in there. We've been so busy lately and I had slowly built up several piles of stuff that had been taken in and dumped in a place where I could close the door and walk away from it. I'm putting all that away slowly.

And, I cut out 112 red hexagons for the hex quilt. I got started basting them this morning.

And, while all that was going on, Sydney was reading the first 5 chapters of The Outsiders aloud to me. She let her English grade drop to the point where she may not be able to play basketball this Thursday and we're doing everything we can to help her get it back up; including reminding her that we didn't make this problem and we're just trying to help her get out of it whenever she complains about having to do extra work to try to bring the grade up. I wrote the teacher last week and she is supposed to give Sydney some extra credit work that we'll bust our butts getting finished by Weds. Great. Like I don't have enough of my own stuff going on right now.

You can understand why I really needed to come to the office to get some rest. Funny. I work harder when I'm not getting paid than when I am. That ain't rite.

Take care and have a great Monday. Lane


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

After reading your blog, I got worn out and had to get me a cup of java......grin.

My house is a mess, but I think I'll take a break with you.

Billie being lazy in TX

Cynthia L. said...

Lane, I think you need a vacation after all of that work! You were a very busy man. I would imagine it would be sort of nice to have Sydney read to you.

There is always so much to do and so little time. I have a long list, but decided to do a whole lot of nothing instead!

At least you have your work place to get some rest!

Coloradolady said...

Every time you talk about Sydney reading to you, it warms my heart....I wish someone would read to me!! Sounds like you were super busy...time for a little rest.