Packing away the yard for winter...

Yes, that's what we spent a good bit of our weekend doing. Well, that and cooking, and cleaning, and pushing the kid along and doing a huge chunk of our Christmas shopping. And, sewing.

First the fun stuff...

My Camelia, Sasanquah "Yuletide", which blooms every year, without fail, just at Christmas. This is just a stray early bloom, but look at how vividly reddish pink. And, that lovely yellow center. I remember that my Grandmother had a Camelia on either side of her walkway to the front of the house and every year at Christmas, they would be covered in red blossoms. I don't have room for 10 ft tall Camelias, tho, so had to go with the shorter Sasanquah. And, all I feed it is coffee grounds. It loves acidic soil.

Rob built me this plastic enclosure at the end of the greenhouse,

so I could keep my sitting area out there this winter. We have a small heater to keep the temp above freezing and I'm looking forward to some lazy days spent out there with some finger sewing.

This is what I used to cover the chemicals. I painted it several years ago, when we redid the greenhouse and was going to use it as a pegboard, but couldn't stand the thought of hanging things on it and scratching it. So, for now, it's been sealed and is leaning against the shelves, covering anything that I don't want to look at out there. Maybe one day it will be a door. That would be sweet!

And, this is the roman shade for the bathroom. I just got started quilting it and am having issues. I'm trying to echo quilt just inside the seam lines, but echo quilting is the hardest thing for me to do. So, I'm going to take out my efforts so far (just a couple of blocks) and try drawing in a few to get used to seeing my line and then try some freehand again.

I also tried my hand at a pair of boxers, just to sew something different. It worked out well, except I picked the wrong pattern size. The pattern was in hip size, but I always hear that men don't have hips, so I used waist size and ended up with a pair of shorts that are so tight I can't bend over...although I can proudly say I was able to get them all the way up, thank you very much. I spent so much time getting the seams in the crotch just right, first making french seams and then sewing them down like flat felling that I'm not willing to throw them away. So, pulled out the waistband and the hems and I'm going to cut the outside edges apart and insert more fabric and then re-hem and redo the waistband. I would love to get rid of some of my stash and am thinking that boxers and maybe some pillow cases to donate would be a good, quick way.
Take care. I'm at work today, trying to will the day to pass fast. Rob's at home and there's just something not fair about that.


Michelle said...

I agree with you about our mates being home when we have to work. Today though, I am home on vacation, and my hubby is working, wishing he was here! Have a great short week!

Elizabeth said...

I love to hear about your gardening. Your plants are so beautiful. Love that pretty Camelia flower. Your Roman Shade is coming out nicely!

xo -El

Becky said...

Lane, the pegboard is just delightful! So cheery! It will be just the thing to look at during the gray/brown days of winter! A perfect solution to cover the shelves! Have a great Thanksgiving with your family! Hugs!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Yep I resent having to go to work when other people dont ! You're right - it isnt fair!

I love the pegboard and the roman blins looks fabulous. Im sure you'll work out whatever issues you're having and it'll turn out brilliantly.

Oh and I hope you have a lovely Thanskgiving.