Christmas decorating

Our tradition is to start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. Rob cheated and started on Tuesday. Tuesday! Can you believe it? And, he wasn't first.

Anyway, yesterday, I stayed out of the way, in the sewing room with my patterns and fabrics and I sewed all the live long day. I called it Thanksgiving chef's recovery day. I didn't lift a finger and Rob did this:
and, this;
and, this.
I'll share more detailed pictures about each one later. They are a significant part of our decorating tradition.
So, today, I'm out of the sewing room and this is what I'm doing. We had a delay of decorating to take lights off Sydney's tree so we could put them on this tree. I don't quite understand undecorating a tree and redecorating it again, but go figger. Anyway, this year, I'm putting on a layer of branches and circling it with lights and then the next layer and so on. It's actually much easier. Rob's idea.
Take care and hope you're enjoying your weekend.


Tennye said...

It is much easier to put the lights on this way, however if you don't take them off the same way they are much harder to take off. I can speak from experience. My daughter in law put them on that way one year and it was a bugger to take them off. Your tradition is the same that we have had for years, but last year things got all messed up and this year we just left town. LOL Have a great weekend.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Wow, my decorating consists of slapping up a tree and shoving a cookie jar on the bench. Australians tend not to do so much decorating I think. (or maybe thats just my slack family!)

Have fun, and make it gorgeous because I intend to live vicariously through your pictures.

Pauline said...

Beautiful! So comforting to surround yourself with beauty. That's one reason I love quilts and quilting. Artistry can be found everywhere if we would only take the time to look. How beautiful the butterfly! The nature around us. Beauty in so many arts, a painting, a voice, a musical instrument, a meal. I love the looks and feel of a piece of silver jewelry made by hand in Mexico. The voice of a child singing. A sunrise or sunset. The beauty of being with someone special and having a perfect day. I try to see beauty all year, in every season. Your contribution of sharing your quilts and your home through pictures has given me much pleasure.
Thank you Lane!

Becky said...

Looking goooood! Rob did a good job and you had a good day of sewing. Sounds like a nice trade! Hugs!

lw said...

Love the little tree and all of the decor!! I don't decorate until I'm forced to, this year my deadline is Dec. 19th; I've got family coming out this year.

How do you keep the doggie out of the tree? I put my little (artificial) trees on top a cabinet to keep my three dogs from knocking over the tree (they love to scratch their backs on the branches!)