That funny feeling in the pit of my stomach...

I had it all day. I sat at my desk and worked, but between every short project that I needed to stamp complete, I kept going to ebay and looking at vintage sewing machines. Oh, there are some beauties out there. I put a bunch of very unique machines in my wishlist. I wanted to bid. Now that I've seen the Singer 503 Rocketeer, I want one really bad. But, I was looking at all kinds of vintage machines and saw a JC Penny brand machine that is so shiny and so cheap. I wish I could give it a good home. And, a Bell brand...never heard of it, but a real showstopper; modern and sleek. And, a Vornado that is the most masculine machine I think I've ever seen. And, I figured things out about it that the seller doesn't know, like how it works.

But, I didn't bid. I was very good. I didn't bid on a Rocketeer or a Singer 301 (I want the black one with the long bed because it reminds me of a German Train Engine).

I had this funny feeling that I just needed to go to Goodwill after work. I didn't know why, but I needed to. I just knew there was something there for me. The feeling wouldn't go away. The shopping for a machine and the pull toward Goodwill. Of course, the thing at Goodwill could have been a glass or a saucer or something equally unexciting. But it wasn't.

When I got there, I started in the auction section, and there it was. A white Singer Featherweight. And, the highest bid was $45. And, a babylock Serger that, while I don't really want it, if I can get it cheap, I'll try to resell on ebay and maybe make a teeny bit of profit for the holidays.

So, that's where my family will be at noon today. At the auction. Waiting on item number....okay, I told you about the cool machines on ebay, but I ain't telling you which Goodwill I went to or what the item number was. I'm only so nice. I sure don't want to be bidding against a friend. Especially one that knows the true value of the machine.

Take care and have a great Saturday. I'll try to get back this afternoon to show you how it worked out. Watch, I'll end up with a saucer. Lane


Hazel said...

Good luck Lane .

vivian said...

Good luck! Our Goodwill's don't have auctions-I think I would like to go to one! I have a white featherweight. I bought it off Ebay from a college student who had received it from her mother's friend as a graduation gift. She didn't know the value of the gift!

Coloradolady said...

Oh, My......good luck! I want one of those so bad....but I have not found one yet in my price range....but a WHITE ONE.....lets see....Austin is only 3 hours away and it is barely 8:00 am.....but then again, you did not say which GW!!!! LOL.....hope you get it!

lw said...

I'll keep a good thought for you-- the white featherweight is a great find and I hope you get to bring it home. I sure get the sewing machine lust!

I have a black 301 with a short bed. I love the direct drive and that it shares accessories with my touch and sew, which also has a slanted needle.

I've tried to buy sewing machines from the goodwill auction site shopgoodwill.com, but there are dealers and my bids always get slammed.

Elizabeth said...

A white Featherweight? For only $45 (at present). Wow! Amazing. I hope you get it. I never understood the fascination with Featherweights until I visited this site: Featherweight Factory and then I decided that on the day that I find 4000 quarters in the couch cushions I know exactly what I'm going to do with it. I want one in Blue Velvet. Or perhaps Princess Pink.

Good luck today!

xo -El