I won x 2

I can tell you now that my items were numbers 93 and 94.

Wow, after standing for an hour, my items finally came up for bidding and it was over in 8 minutes. Okay, I should be surprised it took all of 8 minutes and that was just because of some terrible, terrible, terrible woman that would not give in to my superior desire to possess a white featherweight.
The serger was easy to get and I think I got a steal on it. I don't know anything about it except I've plugged it in and it works and it needs a good oiling. It's very clean and was serviced in 2004, which I estimate, based on the layer of dust inside, to be about the last time it was used. Too bad it doesn't have a manual, but I can get one. I hope to oil it and put it on ebay. And, if it's worth what I think it is, I'm going to be very happy.
But, the Singer was a whole different story. There was a classic machine restorer that wanted it, but he bowed out pretty quickly. Then this lady started to bid and she bid and she bid and I tried to scare her and I tried to intimidate her and I tried to stare us down and we could all see the visible sweat on her forehead, while I remained calm and impassive and just kept my hands in the air and as soon as she would convince herself to bid, I'd wave and bid again, and we'd all wait with bated breath to see if she'd bid again. Seriously, we were on opposite sides of the group and I could see the heads go back and forth like a tennis match. After I won, the crowd applauded me, but I'm afraid that was because of how much I paid, not because of my superior bidding skill.
The reason it's not a bargain is that the case needs repair. There are no attachments. The bobbin case is missing. The belt has discolored and is pinkish and the Singer tag is missing from the front. All of that can be corrected, but it's going to cost and by the time I pay that, I'll have spent about as much as the lowest prices I've seen them for on ebay. The serial number dates it to 1964. And, I've seen people disagree about whether they are white or green and this one is definitely green. It's a very pale green, but it is green nonetheless.
I paid almost twice what I had hoped to pay and when it was over and I had paid and collected them and hauled them to the truck, I was a little nauseous and shaky and my family wanted me to make a lunch decision. They did not understand that I was burning adrenalin like a ship burned coal.
Now, it needs a lot of cleaning. So, I better get to that. Hope you're having as much fun as me today, although I hope it didn't cost you as much.


Coloradolady said...

I was just wondering about you Lane, and if your mad bidding skills brought home the prize...and I was not thinking a cup or saucer!!

I am glad for you, it is a gem!!! I have decided, I AM going to find me one! I would much rather have a white one than a black one, but guess what?? Today on craigslist up here, there is a emerald green one...and the seller only wants $1000.00 for it!! It is beautiful none the less!!!

I am sure you are having a grand time this afternoon!!! Good for you!

Becky said...

Love those auctions! Congrats on the purchases!

Bonnie K Hunter said...


Some of the best "bargains" have nothing to do with the PRICE. It's the joy that you get out of it, the story it has to tell!

I love mine, it is also a 1964 (isn't it strange how their beds are shorter?) and is a greenish cast...I had no case, I keep it in a soft sided cooler with a shoulder strap! It also had no bobbin case, but that was easily remedied..I'm glad this sweet little baby found a home with you!

Where DID you end up going for lunch? :cD


lw said...

Congratulations! It's a lovely little thing! It's worth what you paid for it; after you fix it up it'll be worth more.

bernie said...

You go Lane. Love auctions, you did good! Bernie:)

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Well done. That's terrific news.