Applique, step 1 - draw

I'm going to show the progress on my third block of the Simply Delicious quilt.

I'm going to need two copies of the pattern.

I have this really nice lightbox that Rob made me. I haven't used it much for tracing quilting motifs, which is why I asked for it, but I have gotten lots of practice tracing for applique.

Anyway, the first copy is on freezer paper. This time, I'm doing needle turn, so I'll lay my freezer paper on top of my applique pieces. That means tracing from the master pattern while it is turned right side up. (When I do machine applique, I want the freezer paper on the back of the pieces, so I'll trace with my master pattern wrong side up.) I trace each piece independently, disregarding any pieces that lay atop of another piece. I move the paper around, so what I end up with is just pieces laid out randomly that only remotely resembles the master pattern.

The next copy is on clear plastic and it is an exact replica of the master pattern. I marked the four center lines. My background is made up of 4 squares of light blue fabric, so I'll have those registration marks on the fabric while I attach the applique. This copy of the pattern will be used to lay on top of my background and place my applique pieces before they are sewn down.

More on that after I start to sew.

So, that's step one. Now, I'm off to grout the floor of the shower and then I can start sanding the kitchen cabinet doors. Sydney and I are going to the movies this afternoon. She wants to see Red Riding Hood. I'm worried that we've seen all the good parts of that movie in the commercials, but hey, she'll enjoy it, and I'll feed her popcorn and candy for lunch.

All you Moms will be glad to know that I'm letting he sleep in every morning, but when she wakes today, she has math practice. Math. From all the complaining I get when I ask her to do anything, you'd think I was asking her to single handedly raise a barn and plow the back 40 behind a mule.

Take care. Math. It's the new torture. Lane


Becky said...

You made my day....and my day definitely needed made.....thank you for the chuckle.

Things could be better here....Rick got laid off yesterday...other job prospects are nil (ever decreasing industry and he is over 50) so we are spending the day bringing our life to a flying whoa. But we will be stronger for it, I'm sure.

Have a great day at the movies!

Shay said...

Poor Syd...I never mastered maths. She has my eternal sympathy . Frankly I'd rather plough the back 40!

Cynthia L. said...

I hope you enjoyed the movie. I would like to see it, but haven't talked to anyone talk about it. Let me know.

I learned needle turn applique last night and fell in love with it. I really like your pattern and think I will search it out! Perhaps I will try it also.

kwiltmakr said...

I think Math always was torture, for me anyway.

lw said...

If you have a good understanding of the math leading up to a particular assignment, it's a walk in the park. If you missed a lesson, it's pure mystification. You may have to go backwards before you can go forwards with Syd.

It sounds like Becky and I may be having the same life-- my husband got another lay off notice. We're hoping that someone on a different program can pick him up so we can get the layoff rescinded again. And who knows if I'll keep my job through the year since Congress hasn't agreed on fiscal year 2011, let alone 2012. Our company was awarded five programs that the funding has not arrived for and we're having the third wave of layoffs in two weeks.