applique, step 2 - cut

I have tried applique many times. I'd read the instructions and the prep work would be so complex and I'd think 'I don't need to do all that.' What I didn't realize is that the prep work makes the sewing so much easier and more exact. I'd say that doing applique this way is easier than any of the other ways I've tried. It's also much more exact and portable. And, it's quicker in the long run.

These are my pattern pieces cut from freezer paper.

Because I'm working from a kit, I have all the fabrics that I'll need and there's a description so I can match the pattern pieces to the fabrics.

I iron all the pattern pieces on their fabrics and I trace around the pattern pieces with a ceramic pencil. I could probably use any kind of pencil, but the ceramic ones are really easy. I have a white one and a wierd green and between them, I can mark on any color.

And, then, I rough cut the pieces. I leave about a quarter inch all around. I'll trim that closer, later. You can see piece number 1 on the left side. I've removed the paper to show the marking. Usually, I leave the paper on until the piece is placed and roughly pinned. Then, I'll remove the paper and pin inside the lines.

I have about 3 1/2 hours in the project to this point. An hour to draw, an hour and a half of cutting and about an hour of very exact tracing. The freezer paper wants to peel off when I draw, so I have to be very careful.

Hope you're having a great week. I've almost finished grouting the shower. Just a few touch-ups. And, I've sanded about a quarter of the kitchen. If I don't get any painting done, that will be okay. The sanding is really the first step. We used a cheap paint last time. It never hardened and it just peeled and peeled. So, I'm sanding that down to the primer so we can repaint. Hard work, but very rewarding. The kitchen had become a sad place and since that's the room I do my most important chores in, it needed to be cheerful and happy.

Rob's off and we're also going to trim some trees.

I know this doesn't sound like a very exciting vacation, but compared to the stress of my last few months, it's a cakewalk of things I know how to do and I can do with confidence. I love that feeling.



Not Sew Ordinary said...

I am about to start my first big applique project...do your lines wash off or do you tuck the lines under so they aren't seen? Thanks in advance!

lw said...

I have a feeling that I need to see this in person to get it, I'm going to take a class when I have time.

Meanwhile, would this process be any easier if you had a light table? You could go straight from the drawing to the tracing that way (provided the fabric isn't completely opaque.)