Until I met a man who had no feet

This is a rambling post where I am trying to be positive.

The estimate from the periodontist yesterday was...astronomical. Sheesh!

But, if I do what he recommends, I will have solved all my tooth problems. And, of course, he wants to do things that I can cut from the bill; things I can get by with a cheaper alternative for, like a bridge instead of an implant.

So, I've been running through my mind all the unneccessary money I spend. Fabric, vintage sewing machines...okay, so that's pretty much the limit of my extravagances. And, what I spend on those isn't going to make a dent in the expected copay.

I woke up at 3am in a cold sweat, trying to figure out how much (or in the case of my carrier, how little) insurance would pay. And, I went through all the cons I could think of in my head.

And, all the while, Rob's words kept ringing in my ears, "at least you have insurance."

I complained about the amount insurance would pay, until I thought about all the people out there that don't have any insurance. People that have lost jobs. People that would just have to suffer or do the minimum amount of work. And, I realized how lucky I am that I have insurance and that I have the money to pay the difference. I am blessed that I have what I need. And, that made me feel guilty about all the bad things I had thought.

As soon as I could, I figured out approximately what I'll have to pay. It's gonna hurt. And, that's life. But, at least it's less than I'd have to pay if I didn't have coverage. With so many people out of work, I'm not sure I get to complain about this. It's like the old saying:

I complained because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.

Now, I wonder if I can have my ebay id and password temporarily suspended.


Okay, so on to happier thoughts, I'm quoting Rob a lot today.

"We've succeeded in changing our kid into a normal 13 year old. Unfortunately, the norm for 13 year olds is unpleasant at best."

Ha! Such profound words. And, he's mine. All mine.

Take care and have a great Wednesday. Lane


Shay said...

I hear you Lane..I had some dentist news myself this week. Aside from the fact that the work itself will be incredibly painful - the amount I have to pay will also hurt! But in the end I thought the same thing as you. We can afford it with sacrfices and so many people cant even manage that.

I still have many things to be grateful for even with only one pay check coming in at the moment.

Rob is a wise man!

lw said...

Very sorry to hear about the dental work (and costs.) Seems like money's getting tight everywhere-- and my husband got a lay off notice last week. I'm just hoping we don't have to move.

Love Rob's comment!

vivian said...

Lane does your employer do Flex Spending (FSA)? I knew I needed my dental work last year so we set up our FSA so I could have the work done this year. Just an idea if you could postpone it for a year!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry about the dental work. I say you should get the implant rather than a bridge. It'll be more comfortable in the long run, I'm sure. Don't feel guilty about spending the money on yourself for a very real need.

You and Rob have done a great job with Sydney. The unpleasantness will pass (or so I've been told) and soon she'll be all grown up and you'll be able to have a great relationship with her.

xo -El

Coloradolady said...

Rob is one wise man!! I love his quotes.

Sorry about the dental bills. I think it is just so outrageous what it cost to have anything done anymore. so I tend to just put it off. Not good, I know. Once it is done and over with, you will be so glad. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dental work. Hopefully you can get what you need done taken care of.


ps what happened to way back Wednesday and Vintage Thursday? I realized I haven't heard one of your interesting tales in a good while.

Cynthia L. said...

Every time I think we catch up on expenses, something else comes up. This month it is a new electric panel. Like you, we are glad we have the money, but hate to have to spend it on something like this. I was hoping for a vacation, but that will have to wait again!

Rob is indeed a wise man and you are wise to have picked him!

Sydney is a lucky girl and she will realize it one day (I am sure she knows it now, but won't admit it!)

Bennett and Graves said...

I have a 'normal' 13 yr old stepdaughter that her dad and I are raising. So I hear ya! With adult kids of my own, a daughter and son, I KNOW its worth it. And I tell myself that when the goin' gets tough.

Anonymous said...

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