A different shade of white

Okay, so these pictures are for those of you that have grown tired of snow.

This is our Bradford Pear in bloom. I should have taken the pics yesterday morning as it was all white, but by this morning, the leaves were starting to show up and dulled the glow of it a bit.

Rob and I put this tree in several years ago.

Now, on a happier note, I have scheduled next week off work. The she-devil will be out of school, which is my excuse for taking off, but not my reason. Last night, we tried to gently burst her bubble of anticipated wonderful time next week so we could include some study time to make up for a several grades that are lower than acceptable (you can't be a doctor if you can't pass 7th grade math).
I want to do some fun things, too. The Rodeo carnival is in town and I'd like to take her to a movie one day. But, for the most part, I expect us to be working on stuff around the house, maybe a bit of painting. That would be fun for a 13 year old girl, right? And, some yard work? She'll have a ball digging in the mud, I'm sure. Maybe we'll lay that new tile floor in the kitchen. Oh, she'd be delighted with that kind of work.
Take care and have a great Thursday. Lane


Debbie Cook said...

I think she'd be most happy with NOT having to wake up early every morning. The rest is gravy.

Pretty tree!

Paul said...

Take her to see "Beastly". I took my teenage daughter last weekend. Definitely a Teenage Girl Chick Flick... I was only one of about 5 men in the theater, but I actually enjoyed it, but more importantly she LOVED it!

Shay said...

Beautiful tree - I love seeing trees in blossom. All of ours are currently debating whether or not to dump their leaves in preparation for winter.

I hope you have a lovely week off work. Sounds like you have some grand plans.(and a couple of evil ones as well - to give the week some balance )

regan said...

Thanks for the pic of the tree, Lane. It's beautiful!

I remember painting the living and dining rooms when I was about 13....and I loved it! It's what got me hooked into being a fixer-upper gal. You gotta learn to paint, spackle and drywall sometime, right? Might as well be from your dad who knows what he's doing! She will appreciate the knowledge later in life, and I'm sure she'll love the admiration you give from her 'job well done'!

lw said...

I remember putting a roof on our house with my Dad and brother and brother-in-law when I was 13, and I really enjoyed it. That said, I can't imagine what it would have been like to have a parent that wanted to hang out with me. I think I would have loved it.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I'll come help you lay the tile. I've always wanted to learn to do that. And then we can all go see a movie after.

As for the digging in the dirt -- the weather today is reasonably warm enough that I can dig in my own dirt. Yay! I'm so excited!

Your pear tree is beautiful.

xo -El