We need a new acronym

Somehow, the acronyms WIP (work in progress) and UFO (unfinished object) have attained a negative connotation. Maybe that's from people that never finish projects and feel shame for it. Maybe it's from people that finish all their projects and look down on those that don't. Or, maybe it's just another way for quilters to separate themselves from one another (I see lots of devisiveness among quilters lately)

Anyway, I've decided that maybe I just need to come up with new terms for my work.

For example, this little quilt top. I pieced this 3 years ago while Rob's Mom was with us for either Tgiving or Cmas. It was my way of getting away while they discussed the old days and things I didn't have any knowledge of. It also gave me something to do that was quiet so she could sleep in...apparently nobody gets up as early as we do.

Anyway, I came up with the design. I used my favorite three cmas greens, along with a very bright cmas red and a holiday print that has both those colors on a light background. Very simple, but I intentionally created lots of space to quilt in.

And, then, I decided that my quilting skills were not adequate for what I had in mind for this little cutie. So, I hung it in the sewing room closet and there it's sat. Waiting.

I can't say it's a work in progress because I haven't taken it out in three years.

And, I can't say it's an unfinished object because it will get finished.

So, maybe this is an LTP...long term project. One that was begun and will take a long time to finish. I have a couple like that. It probably comes from having to put my projects aside periodically to WFI...wait for inspiration. But, really, it's become an LTP because I had to WFS...wait for skills.

While I was WFI, I bought a children's cmas coloring book. It's filled with drawings that I plan to use as my inspiration in the corners of this quilt. And, I've practiced my background filler so that now I don't have to WFS anymore. I have them. So, I've pulled out my LTP and am about to put my inspiration and skills to use and get this little jewel quilted up.

It won't be fast. I've got to draw out all the quilting for it. I'll trace pictures from the coloring book, things like a decorated tree, a string of lights, a snowy sleighride and something else and then I'll add some bows and some other larger scale filler. I'll transfer that to parchment via needle punching it and use the parchment as my pattern. When I pull off the paper, I can fill in all the background with the tiny filler I like. I want some holly wreaths for the star blocks. I think they'll highlight the shape of the stars by quilting a circle over each block.

And, just like that, we have an inspired plan.

I plan to pin baste another this weekend. The other one is a very cute little village quilt from Forevergreenquilts.com. I'm going to do an allover meander on it to imitate a breeze blowing through the village and I might just be able to get that done next week while I'm off. That quilt is another LTP, finished early 2010 and WFI as well. But, now the inspiration has come for it, too.

I guess what I'm saying is: sometimes a quilt just has to percolate for a while before it can be finished and that's not a bad thing.

Take care and have a great weekend. Lane


Becky said...

ha! I love the new terms. I definitely have quilts that are WFS! ;) And I'm sure we're up as early as you. I've grown accustomed to puttering in the morning when I have house guests as I wait for them to get up. Thankfully my most frequent house guest is my mom and she gets up super early too! Can't wait to see your results on that quilt, it is really adorable.

Elizabeth said...

Yay! Pop-up window! Thanks so much!

I like Ph.D (project half-done) because it sounds all smart. I intend to finish everything I start, but agree with you -- sometimes a project needs to rest so inspiration or skills or whatever can come. I like your new term: LTP. That is pretty good.

And I ABSOLUTELY love that quilt. It is gorgeous. I love the colors! This is the second green quilt I've seen in blogland today that I've absolutely loved! loved! loved!

As always, beautiful work Lane.

Thanks for sharing and good luck with the quilting. Oh, and holly wreaths in the stars -- it will be stunning.

xo -El

Rhoda said...

That is a truly beautiful quilt! I love the colors and the simple design.

kwiltmakr said...

I really like the WFS(wait for skills) for the quilting part of it, that is me! And the LTP sounds so much better than UFO or WIP...your right, start a new trend here.

Michelle said...

I love your new terms too, and I love your quilt top. I can't wait to see it finished. Have a great weekend!

lw said...

I really identify with WFS-- nearly all my unfinished quilts are WFS.

I hope I can retire while I still have my eyesight so I can develop the skills.

andsewon said...

Love your LTP! I am a sucker for Christmas ones!With your skill at quilting this will become even more beautiful!
We get up early here too. My best energy is in the early AM. Good thing guestroom has a door that shuts...;-)

Sherri said...

I can soooo relate to your WFS acronym. I am a master piecer, but not yet a master quilter, so I have several master pieces hanging in my closet waiting for my quilting skills to catch up with my piecing skills. Someday, it will dawn on me that I have 'arrived' in the quilting skill department, and I will drag them out of the moth balls and get them completed.

Sandy said...

Wow, oh wow, thank you so much for the inspiration. Now I know exactly how I will use my Hello Kitty Coloring book. I never thought about using it for quilting. I think I may even use it for applique patterns. Thanks for inspiring me!!!