Death and Taxes

Nothing is sure, but death and taxes. But, I'm done with that chore until this time next year.

Just got back from JoAnn's and put two quilt backs and some yardage for something for me in the washing machine. I bought about 4000 yards of thread for some fancy quilting I'm going to do on a holiday quilt.

But, you don't care about any of that. You want to hear about the girl and the trip to the mall and the vivid purple nail polish.

And, maybe about the carnival that she and Rob went to when I went to JoAnn's.

She had a great time. They planned the trip well. The girls had an hour and a quarter at the mall to do whatever they wanted. They stopped for a smoothie and started shopping hard. The only thing Sydney bought was a bottle of purple nail polish that is almost black. Without saying anything to anybody, she painted her nails last night. I think she and Rob had an unhappy discussion about it, but my only thoughts were that it was great by me, so long as it was gone Sunday night. She can wear any color she wants on her toes, anytime she wants. Just not her fingers to school...yet.

One of the girls was trusted with enough cash for the girl to buy a swimsuit, so they shopped all over the place for that. And, then they got back on the bus, pumped full of sugar, and went back to school.

Today, she put the center of her quilt together so she can get it off the design wall (where it's been since first of February). All that she's got left are the borders.

The school is doing a carnival today. But, I wasn't volunteering. I've done two dances. That fulfilled my PTA obligation times two. But, Rob took her to have fun. It's a carnival and athletic meet all rolled into one.

Me, I'm going to put a Linus quilt together so that when I can get back to my Bernina, I can get some quilting done.

Take care and have a great Saturday. Lane


Becky said...

Of course she would get purple nail polish!!! I'm so glad she did well!
Have fun doing some sewing!

Michelle said...

Yay Sydney!!!! Have a great weekend!

Shay said...

In the grand scheme of things purple nail polish was probably a good choice. Glad she had fun!

lw said...

When I was 13, I wasn't exactly a girly girl. I remember going through the dumpsters at the mall looking for boxes with my friends so we could build a fort in the backyard at the Trigiani's. Mrs. Trig made us spagettios for our lunch and let us eat in the fort. Good times!
My daughters, however, were more the indoor mall type. I remember MAC cosmetics and nail polish being big with my older daughter.

I wish I could have gone shopping with you this AM, I need to get batting for two baby quilts (one of them will be a version of your sailing quilt, except that they're sailing the Amazon.)