Weekend reflections

Or...Ambitious plans lead to body aches.

Last Friday, I was feeling especially ambitious, wasn't I? So, let's see how I did, what else came up, and why I can't lift my elbows above my shoulders today.

Plant the roses. Done! Not only did I plant the roses, but I also planted potatoes, chrysanthemums, tomatoes, dahlias, peppers, marigolds, coleus, and a plant we lost the tag off of and can't remember what it is, but it starts with an A and reminds me of a turk's cap, so we're treating it that way. That's why I am sore. I worked in the yard about 3 hours on Saturday and another hour and a half yesterday, but I got all done that I needed to, including digging up enough invasive lariopi grass to cover the whole lot. We got up early on Saturday and went to a new nursery to get something for Rob and we found a bunch of stuff that I wanted for the back yard, too. I've only got two more things I'd like to get. One I don't know the name of but blooms very red flowers on woody stems, early in the year and I want an Oakleaf Hydrangea. I'll share pics of how things look soon.

Cut a Linus quilt. Overachiever that I am, I cut one and a half Linus quilts. Here's how that went. I cut one and was finished and it was okay, but I knew it could be better. Rob came in and his feedback was the same as mine. So, I cut some more. And, I pulled another focus fabric for the stuff I cut and discarded. Now, I'm thinking about piecing the two at the same time and keeping the first one I cut, because it is cute as the dickens and would look great in the potting shed. I'll donate the second and everyone will be happy. And, I will have moved about 5 yards of ugly fabric that I bought about 4 years ago out of the stash. Whoohoo!

Work on the potting shed...this is the one I didn't make much progress on. I did make some progress and am happy to be moving along, but really, I spent my outdoor time in the flower beds.

Simply Delicious is moving right along. I am almost finished with the second block. I'm going to take pictures of the process as I start the third block. I'm really enjoying it. I would normally look at a long term project with a little disdain. I'm all about the immediate results. Hand applique is a study in patience.

Cut a shirt for Rob. We can check that off my list. Not only did I cut it, but I got started sewing it.

I got this fabric off ebay for $5 for 5 yards and free shipping. They guy made about 45 cents off it. And, I was going to send him some extra money after it was delivered because that just didn't seem right. But, when it got here, I found that there was a print flaw along both selvages that he didn't tell about in his post. But, I cut this from the center of the fabric, using a lot of the yardage on a single shirt and put the edges into my Linus fabrics. It will make a cute quilt and with other fabrics, you won't even notice the print flaws.

This is the first time for me to make this pattern. It's much more like Peter's Negroni shirt that he made. I've had trouble following the instructions on it and took the collar out twice before I got it in right. It's very different than the dress shirt collars I've been making.

This is a closer shot of the pocket. Can you see it? It took time to find the exact right place in the print to cut the pocket from and then to place it just right to make it invisible. But, it's for Rob, so it's worth it. He'll appreciate the attention to detail where most people wouldn't even notice that the pocket stood out.

And, finally, this is a message to my daughter.

Sydney, I know it seems like all the adults are conspiring. And, you are not paranoid. We are. We are conspiring to make you one of us. And, to make you a responsible one of us. So just suck it up because we are not going to go away. You are too smart for us to let you go to waste. And 13 is old enough to do dishes.

The quilt in the background of Rob's shirt is the one that Sydney is working on. It's looking great! She ran into cutting issues and cut some blocks the wrong size and that discouraged her and she stopped working. This weekend, she got a lecture about finishing what you start that included...Hey, you came into my space, you used my tools, you used my supplies, you don't have a choice to finish and no, you take up modeling clay until you finish this quilt. I'm sure that's just the first of those lectures.

Have a wonderful Monday. Lane


lw said...

As one sore person to another (my garden is weeded, amended and ready to plant) I salute you.

I love the fabric for Rob's shirt, and the hidden pocket. It's the little things!

Becky said...

I love the fabric in Rob's shirt! The pocket is truly invisible! Hope your soreness works out soon. Have a great week! Becky

Anonymous said...

ummm, no, I can't see the pocket on Rob's shirt. I love the fabric. Your sewing is better every time you make something!

Tell Sydney I like the bright colors she picked for her quilt....and to hang in there. Mistakes are how we learn, and next time she'll remember.

~ PattiLynn

Coloradolady said...

pocket? are you kidding me??? I can not see it!! Sydney sounds like me, starts something and if it does not go as planned...wants to move on. At my age, I am still working on that one!

sounds like you did get a lot done over the weekend..good for you!

Pauline said...

After increasing the picture to 200%, I finally found the pocket. Incredible attention to detail! Beautiful work. Sydney, hang in there girl. You'll love the results. We ALL get discouraged with our mistakes, but the final feeling of accomplishment makes us glad we perservered. Then you can go on to the next project without guilt.

Paul said...

As another father raising a daughter, I am going to steal your "Conspiring" speech. Your choice of words there was excellent!

Don't know if I'll ever try to actually make clothing, but I admire your work. That shirt looks excellent thus far.

I am SO glad that my wife enjoys working in the garden and I don't have to. I care for the lawn, but she does everything else. I often have to give massages after a day in the garden, but I'd much rather do that than set foot in a garden. I love having a nice flower garden to sit in with a fire in the outdoor fireplace, but if it were just me, I'd have lawn and a few bushes...

I enjoy reading your posts...