Block 3, Luscious Lemons

I finished the third block of Simply Delicious last night. Okay, so in real life, these look so real, it makes my mouth scrunch up. And, they're going pretty fast. I started early February and have made three blocks so far.

Speaking of mouths scrunching up, today is my visit with the second periodontist about my teeth. I started out taking good care of my teeth and I take good care of them now, but there were a few years in the middle when I didn't take such good care, and now I'm gonna pay the price in both work that needs to be done and money to do it.

The first appt resulted in a periodontist spending two minutes with me, basically calling my primary dentist a quack, telling me to have a tooth pulled and then come back. Basically, I felt like a bother for him.

But, he's on my dental plan and is about the only one that I can afford to let do most of the work, so I can't call him an ass and move on. Even though he deserves it for nothing else but spending 120 seconds scaring the wits out of me about what needed to be done.

So, I asked to see my primary care dentist, just to ask her what to do. Who knew big city dentists don't spend 5-10 minutes with clients giving them advice anymore. That must not be billable time. So, she basically called the first periodontist a quack and referred me to a periodontist that is not on my plan, and that I can't really afford, to see if he can save the tooth.

So, what's the important part of all this for me? I am taking care of business that needs to be taken care of, even though I am afraid to take care of it. The actual experience will be nothing compared to what I am feeling now, as I wait to see what will need to be done and what it will cost. That is a real bummer in my life. But, you know what? Sydney sees me taking care of my business, even though I'm afraid.

Sometimes the loudest lessons are the ones we don't set out to teach, but actually teach by just living our adult lives.

I hope this one sticks for her.



Impera_Magna said...

Having spent a lot of "quality time" with my dentist (and $$$), I'm so sorry to hear you have to go thru all this but you certainly found the silver lining... you're definitely providing an excellent example for Sydney!

I love your lemon block... all of the fruit blocks are just lovely!

vivian said...

I feel your pain!! My dentist says I need an implant but a tooth has to be pulled first. He's sending me to an oral surgeon. I said,"why can't you pull the tooth?". He said "I don't extract teeth". Well how about the guy who is doing the implant? "No-he doesn't extract teeth either." So I guess I will be visiting 3 dentists in the next couple months. Tell Sydney to study hard and become a dentist!! :)

Coloradolady said...

ugh....I am afraid to take care of this type of stuff too. I have a dr. apt. thurs. afternoon and will be worked up the whole day knowing I have to go.....it is not easy. Sorry my friend.

Elizabeth said...

That block is so beautiful! I love to do needle-turn. It does go pretty fast, doesn't it. And so relaxing.

You and Rob are doing a great job with Sydney. There is a special place in heaven for you two, and hopefully Sydney will join you ;).

xo -El