My vacation in review

My vacation week is over. Tomorrow, I head back to work. But, what did I do in my week off?

And, what did I accomplish?

I went with Sydney to the rodeo carnival. I was half of the money and stood on the ground and held my breath every time some ride dropped her out of the air or slung her out in open space above the ground. She was the rider. Rob was the encouragement and the other half of the money. More about that later. I also took her to the movie. And, we did math. Lots and lots of math. But, now she understands exponents better.

I dremeled out all the grout in the shower and put all new grout in and found the leak and fixed it.

I sanded the lower cabinet doors. Before you laugh at all the talk I've done about three cabinet doors, there are four more on the other side and a 4'x8' pantry. All sanded.

I finished piecing one of the least attractive quilts I've ever made. All my enthusiasm and this is what I get. I broke the rules, trying not to have to buy anything for a linus quilt. Maybe 'not buying anything for a linus quilt' is the rule I should be breaking.

I worked on my 15-91, Mary and got her tension straightened out. Subsequently, and I suppose unrelated, I talked to the machine's namesake, my mother, Mary, and there was no tension there. Hmmm. Something to think about.

I got this far on the third block of Simply Delicious, including three posts on my process.

I started a batch of summer beer. I haven't had good luck with beer the last few times, so I invested a bit in some upgrades and was more selective about my beer kit and now it's fermenting away in the kitchen.

I got this far on a sock.

I got this close to converting the greenhouse into a sun room.

And, I spent an inordinate amount of time in this swing, sewing or knitting and watching the plants grow. The probably speaks more to what I accomplished than to what I did, tho.

What I accomplished was a series of successes that will bolster me for several months out in the real world, where I often don't know what I'm doing and I don't always get it right, and I spend so much time feeling like I'm about to step off the edge of a cliff. Stressed to the point of not even recognizing it as stress anymore. Just a constant elevated blood pressure headache. Day and Night.

And, now, it's over. And, my shoulders have dropped from around my ears and they're not even sore anymore and I don't lean forward when I walk.

That's what I accomplished on my vacation.



Patricia said...

You accomplished a LOT and I am happy for you!!!!! When times get hard, I want you to think about these days and smile, realizing how productive you are.

On another note, it looks like dyeing season is almost here! I am going to straighen up my space and get fabric ready and go for it next week-end!


Coloradolady said...

That is exactly what vacations are for. Glad you had a great week on vacation, however, you really did a lot, and hardly rested!!

I have been doing some sewing this weekend, and on my way to the sewing room now. Have a great week!! Suzanne

Becky said...

Sheesh, Lane!! I'm pooped just reading about your week! I certainly admire your energy and you did some great things. Now you need a vacation from your vacation! Glad you feel rested and ready to face the day. Wish I was feeling that way too!
Have a wonderful week.

Andra Gayle said...

It seems like you got a lot done. Hope you enjoyed it! I didn't get nearly that much done but I have enjoyed myself to the point of not wanting to return to work tomorrow for sure!!!!!!!!!!

Irene Onderweegs said...

Wow! Vacation you said! It more seems like a full swing of a new vocation! Best part is Sydney's face though ;^}
Love from Amsterdam, Irene

lw said...

Looks like you did it right, Sydney sure looks happy in her photo!

The shower looks great, too.

The low contrast quilt looks better finished; it comes across as a little girl's quilt with the soft greens. It's not unattractive, it's just a very soft look.

Shay said...

You did all this in a week? That's pretty darn amazing.

The sun room looks wonderful. I want to curl up in it with a good book. Im pretty impressed with some of the other things you did too. Replacing grout is a revolting job and you should get kudos for that alone!

Pauline said...

Now I understand why your blog was so silent! I missed you. Congratulations on all you accomplished, everything looks wonderful and so perfect! Hope you made plenty of pictures so you can refresh your attitude when and if you ever get the mogwallies.

Cynthia L. said...

You did a lot on your vacation! I think the most important accomplishment is that your shoulders dropped and you were able to relax! Hope that relaxed feeling stays with you for a while!