Our day at the carnival

Here I am, pictured with the big fat prize pig. Not sure why my family wanted my picture at this particular pen. But, I've decided not to ask questions.

Sydney's temp tattoo. She loves this stuff. Me, I don't get it. And, when did we go from tigers and wolves to dragons?

This was my most scary moment. She's in that huge thing swinging back and forth.

She made new friends while standing in line. I don't know if she's managed to keep them. They seemed to have so much in common...until they started to text one another and then the differences started to become apparent. The friend texted in full words and grammatically correct sentences. Sydney texts in symbols and abbreviations. When the friend didn't understand, Sydney said "whatever". Famous last words.

Again, there she is, flying through the air. And, I'm somewhere, holding my breath.

Mostly, she stood in line and we waited in the shade.

Prize winning chickens.

Sydney, showing off a cow.

We don't get too many sheep in Louisiana, where I grew up, but apparently they can win prizes in Texas now. So different from the John Wayne days when "sheepherder" was an ugly name to be called. This was actually classified as a "market lamb". But, it was bigger than me, so not so sure I understand the word "lamb".

And, the Texas Longhorn cow and calf.

Sydney waiting to go way up in the air to be dropped. I have nightmares about falling out of an airplane. How can she enjoy rides that drop???

She loves the swings. I did too until they started to speed up and swing out over the open fairground. Then, I held my breath some more.

Besides that, we had $13 burgers and $4 lemonade and we shopped, but I don't think we bought anything except a necklace for Sydney; also a dragon. Hmmm.

Have a great Tuesday. I spent a lot of yesterday pushing my shoulders back down from my ears. It was not good to be back at work. I wish I could start my vacation over again. I'd do all the same things and never be bored.



JoAnne said...

Okay, I can't resist. Now Sydney is: The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo? Sorry.... I looks like you had a fun time. Fairs are so much fun.

Paul said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun Lane...

Coloradolady said...

somehow I missed this post...great photos! Looks like a great time was had by all. I like fairs too, but NO RIDES....they scare me!!