Silk purse? Or sow's ear?

One of the first things Rob said yesterday morning was when he walked in the sewing room and saw me working on this quilt. He said, "that's coming together quick". And, I answered "No amount of sewing is going to make this a beautiful quilt." Oh, well. Ya' win some and you lose some. But, this has been an awful lot of work for a Linus quilt.

I noticed that Bonnie posted on "bonus" triangles this morning. Notice how I used mine in the corners of this quilt.

At the end of the day, he came back in the sewing room and saw me cutting from that ugly background fabric again and he said "You're not going to give up until you get a pretty quilt from that butt-ugly fabric, are you?" And, I'm not. I've bought a new green and a new orange and a darker off white and I'm going to switch where they are and try this one again. I should have just given up and used what I had left as a back. Why, oh why did I feel like I needed 5 yards of this fabric?

Remember this little cmas quilt?

I'm going to do some fancy quilting on this one and I needed to draw the corners. Here is the plan I have so far. I'm still not sold. This was a great idea, but I think I might need the solidarity of just one of these patterns. My favorites are the trees and the ornaments. Rob's is the lights. I don't think anybody likes the packages. But, I'm one step further. I have the thread to quilt it, when I finally decide what I want to quilt.

Take care and hope you had a great weekend. I'll be trying to catch up on blogs. This morning, when I should have been reading, I was printing shipping labels for all the junk I unloaded on ebay this weekend. Okay, so one thing sold for less than the postage, but who cares? It's outta my house and that's what I wanted to achieve. It was too good to throw out and not good enough to keep. So what if it cost me 40 cents to move it on.



Freda said...

Call me a oddball but I like the orange and green quilt. I vote for the lights too.

Becky said...

you are too funny. I think the orange and green quilt is nice! The photo is small though so maybe it just looks better from far away??

Bonnie K Hunter said...

I think the Orange/Green quilt is coming along nicely!! It's funny how we might like a fabric in smaller bits, but overload makes us just back away and not know why we don't like it anymore...

I like how it is coming along, and the addition of the bonus triangles is NICE!

And if you still don't like it.....done and gone is better than thinking about it ;c)


lw said...

I once made a bargello quilt that didn't have enough contrast and I thought it was the ugliest thing I ever saw. I finished it. My sister saw it, and loved it and she gave it to her oldest son, who is still using it. May not be a sophisticated color palette, but my guess is that there's a little kid out there who'll love it.

Debbie Cook said...

No Linus quilt is really an ugly quilt. ;-) But really, you're too hard on it. I think it looks just fine.