Two quilts

Well, I pieced them both this weekend. Two just alike. They aren't put together yet. One is for Linus, the other is for me.

Or, maybe no.
I don't really care for either one that much.
Anyway, have a great Monday. I'm off to grout the shower. Aren't you excited for me?


lw said...

I like the top one, but the lower one doesn't have a lot of contrast on it. I would be tempted to applique something in the low contrast blocks.

Trade you an exciting day in Aerospace for your shower tile.

Coloradolady said...

These are very pretty Lane. Have fun...that is not too much fun I know!

quiltfool said...

Rob and I talked and I think these are March and April Linus quilts. I have too many quilts that I love to finish. I can certainly give away the ones I don't immediately fall in love with. Love some, lose some.

Elizabeth said...

Just my humble opinion, but what if you switched the pinwheels from one quilt to another? I like the colors a lot, especially the orange and green frame squares in the bottom quilt.

Don't hurt yourself grouting the shower.

xo -El

Oh, and when do we start with the tile in the kitchen?