And, on the tenth day of Christmas

Pop blew his top.

I had literally heard all the griping and complaining that I was able to take. Two days, devoted to giving the kid as many of the good holiday memories as she wanted. And, I just got fed up with it.

So, now the fight's over and we can look forward to all the good things that go with the holidays. I'll be doing some baking. Alone. And, I'll be doing some cleaning. Alone. And, I'll be doing some sewing. Alone.

Because, tis better to do than, to listen to others complain about, well, everything.

Okay, making it sound really bad, but it wasn't so much. I just had enough and explained (loudly) that if she didn't want to do any of that stuff, she didn't have to, but I wasn't doing it by myself so she could come in and enjoy the fun parts like frosting the cookies. Poo on that.

Anyway, Rob and I have had a great time. We cleaned the carpets yesterday so we could get the "trail of juice stains" up that goes from the kitchen to the sofa. And, after that, we went on a last minute shopping trip and then gorged ourselves on Indian food and came home and he had a nap and I didn't do much and then last night, after supper, the neighbors came for a couple hours and that was fun.

This morning was much the same. I finished a pair of Charlie Brown lounging pants for Rob and then we went shopping again, and spent most of the morning at half price books and then good burgers for lunch and home. Another nap for Rob and I cut out a pair of zebra lounging pants for Sydney. Now, it's time to clean the kitchen so I can feel good in there tomorrow when I do the last cooking.

Alone. At last, I've found the secret to happy holiday memories. A Christmas cruise just for parents.

Everybody have a great Friday. Two more days and I can go back to work.


Now, we've had dinner and gone out for a holiday lights drive. If holiday lights are a sign of optimism, Austin is very optimistic. Nice. All attitudes are good. The naughty list will not need to be reconsulted.

Take care and sleep well. Visions of sugarplus, y'all. (ohhh, don't be surprised if I use that again, tomorrow night.)



Kathleen said...

yeppers, sounds like a family Christmas... the good, the bad, and the ugly... and you know what? you'll forget the bad and the ugly... and you'll remember the good...

lw said...

We spent the day getting the walls at my daughter's new house ready to paint. Now we're frantically trying to get everything else done. I'm waiting for dinner to cook before the rest of the errands. And at choir practice last night, the difficult song that I practiced to memorize the alto part-- the director is having me sing the tenor part. Christmas is exhausting and full of surprises.

regan said...

If I remember correctly.....young hands actually 'wanting' to help happened from ages 5-9, and then again at about 23! lol So sorry to burst your bubble on that, but it's true! :0) So if Sydney makes any effort to be involved or help in any way, count yourself lucky!

Hoping you and your family have a very merry Christmas! Eat lots of cookies and sew!

PattiLynn said...

Merry Christmas Lane, Rob and Sydney! Peace, Joy and Good Food to Y'all!

~ PattiLynn

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for sharing.