Brrrrr. Texas finally got cold

I cannot get warm. I stand in front of the vent in the mornings, just waiting to get warm.

Oh, I'm warm and toasty in bed. It's when I get up that the cold sets in. (Hey, I'm a quilter. Bed is warm.) I don't know whether I feel it more because I'm older or because it changed so suddenly; either way, I'm walking around bundled up like the kids in a Christmas Story; wrapped so tight I can't move.

Anyway, a busy boy is a happy boy, I guess. And, I have been a busy boy and have also been in a good mood, so I'm sticking with that, no questions asked.

This weekend, I finished the holiday quilt. Right now the title is All Wrapped Up In Bows. But, that might change as I bind it...if I ever get to binding it. I have the binding fabric, but there just has not been one second to even cut it yet. See, there were problems with a border. I had a one inch border in that quilt and I tried and tried to quilt it as tightly as the rest of the quilt and could not get happy with it. So, I'd quilt and I'd rip and I'd move to another corner and quilt and I'd rip and move and quilt and rip. Leah Day described it something like this...I had become the lady that sits in the back of guild meeting with a quilt and a ripper, pulling out thread and muttering "it has to be perfect, it has to be perfect." And, when I realized I was doing that, I just stopped and said, "this is finished."

And, I've been trying to come up with holiday gifts for everyone on my list...not a long list, but that doesn't make it any easier to think of original ideas. I've asked for an antiquing jaunt this weekend to see if I can find some fun things to fill in the gaps.

I got a little wierd about my search for a thimble. I realized I had gotten out of control when I bought two thimbles and kept wanting to buy more because the prices were so good. But, I controlled myself and the urge for a thimble holder has pretty much passed, too. I have little boxes I can use for that. Don't know why I get so obsessive about things, tho. Gotta get a deal! I probably spent way more time shopping for a bargain than it would have cost to just buy the first, most expensive one I found that fit.

My aquarium is sick. I know, you're thinking, his fish are sick, and that's true too, but it's the tank that I wasn't paying enough attention to and let the water get bad and I started losing fish, so right now, the sewing room is littered with equipment as I try to slowly change that before I lose too many fish. I've already lost about 5 in a month. It makes me sad, especially since it's my fault. But, better I caught it before I lost them all, right? Mistakes happen.

We had our first freeze last night. It was sad to look out across my flower beds this morning and already see things turning black and wilting as the sun came up. Just had to close the curtains and not think about it. Last week, we were having a wierd winter bloom and this week, it's all got to be cut back.

Add to that a surprise basketball game this week. We thought we were done last week. All the parents said good-bye and we'll see you next season. And, then Syd came home and told us she'd missed a Monday practice that she didn't know about. (I don't think that qualifies as missed.) Anyway, the coach posted it on her facebook. Yeah, like I'd have seen it there. Anyway, I'm still making breakfast every morning for the whole family and driving the kid to school so she gets there in time.

Got the binding sewn on my MIL's quilt the other night. I was about a foot and a half from being through and just sat it aside, so instead of being a housewarming gift (cuz now she's lived there nearly a year) it's a holiday gift. Oh, well. Again, it is what it is.

And, work is CRAZY and only a CRAZY person would do this for money. So, we all know where that leaves me. CRAZY. I admit it. No getting around it. And, based on this rambling post, I don't think I can deny a bit of crazy to you guys.

Stay warm. Quilt a lot. Don't let the busy-ness of the season get to you. I'm doing my best to balance what needs doing with how much energy I have to do it. That means some stuff's not getting done. SO WHAT?

Take care. Lane


Becky said...

It was pouring down the rain here this morning while I was out for appointments and errands, and while I was driving home it turned to huge, fluffy snowflakes....I felt like I was driving in a giant snow globe! We are expected to get 4-6 inches tonite.

lw said...

My mom used to say that if your hands are cold, put on a hat. It's worth a try.

The busy-ness of the season is really getting to me, but I'll take your advice and try to let it go.

KaHolly said...

OOh, I got a little excited to see that you are in TX. I'm in New Braunfels visiting for the winter.