And, on the twelfth day of Christmas

Well, mostly we ate.

We started with this Bubble Bread, or Monkey Bread or Pull-apart Bread...it has lots of names. Anyway, ours was delicious and we needed the fortification...

Because we had a lot of unwrapping to do.

The packages went round the side...

And, round the back.

We had such a good year that we had to use an overflow tree.

And, then we had lunch.

This holiday, I decided to do the traditions. The tablecloth and cloth napkins and good glasses. There weren't many of us, but we used the Christmas dishes. Ham and scalloped potatoes and green bean casserole, home made rolls, Copper penny carrots. And, Rob asked for an old fashioned congealed salad, lime jello style. Ahh, the 60's at their very best.

And, then I washed two mountains of dishes. That's in addition to the two mountains I did yesterday. Note the green linen shirt and the blue Chanukah apron. Oh, and the bulging belly, that's just how I was standing...do you wanna argue about that?

And, then we had desert. Okay, so maybe that bulge isn't just the way I was standing. Maybe it was part how tight I had the apron tied. See my table runner? That's from the little old lady.

After that, my best friend and one of her sons came by and we visited. Now, I'm going to have a sandwich and we're watching a movie and then it's "to all a good night..."

I hope everyone had as wonderful a day as we did. No matter what your traditions are, I hope they gave you peace. Lane


Becky said...

Looks delicious!! Merry Christmas!

Coloradolady said...

Looks like a fantastic day....love the shirt and apron, and the table runner!!! The food looks wonderful....I agree....and to all a good night!!!

Megan said...

All your food looks sensational Lane. Congratulations. And I also admired the top-notch paint job you did on the kitchen cabinets too! LOL

Sydney, Australia

Kath said...

Oh Lane, we aren't allowed to open our gifts until after lunch!
So we all cleared off with the dogs and climbed the Tor while Husband cooked. Your ham looks very mouth watering.
It was very wise of you to wear a padded arpon to protect from the oven spits :-D

andsewon said...

Everything looked wonderful Lane! You did a bang up job! Would be happy to put my feet under that table! Wishing you and your little family a wonderful Happy Healthy New Year as well!

Elizabeth said...

Cute table runner, beautiful christmas dishes, great haul, and that cinnamon pull-apart bread looks delicious! Glad you all had a lovely Christmas day.

xo -E