quirky vs weird

Guess I'm not through talking about these plates yet.

After reading all the feedback from yesterday's post I came home and looked at my plates again. I like the idea or quirky, too, but some of these plates are just weird. But, not quite weird enough to be quirky. And, I see so much potential that I just can't resist making a few changes.

So, I'm going to do both matchy-matchy and quirky. I'm going to make as many matchy matchy as I can and then I'm going to take the rest apart and make plates that are more quirky. For example, in the two at the top of the picture below, I can use all the red plaids by mixing different red fabrics to make a whole block with red and some other color wedges. And, there's lots of different blue fabrics that show up in a wedge or two and I can combine them to make a block.

And, some plates can just be a conglomeration of different wedges, so long as they read alternating dark and light. I'd like to get four plates like that and use them in the corners.

But look at that blue and green plate above. It's a shame to leave that one mismatched blue fabric when there's another wedge of the right fabric in another plate. And, for that plate with the blue fabrics and the plaids? There's a ton of light blue stuck here and there that would give me a better contrast with that plaid than the mixed colors above.

But, first they have got to be washed. They're making me ill when I touch them. I'm going to hand wash them and lay them out tomorrow when the humidity is low and then I can start working on them. And, there are about a half dozen wedges that won't be usable. They're just too badly stained and two are torn. But, I have a great collection of vintage prints that I can cut replacement wedges out of.

But, I cannot get distracted. I have to not get distracted. I'm down to the borders on LD's quilt and I so would like to finish that this weekend. I started this border yesterday with a variegated thread and while that thread was great in the quilt center, where there's a ton of variety in fabric and color, it was not good for the border. Not a problem. I have quite the variety of collected thread. So much so that I only buy thread if I know what I want to use it on. No more collecting. Thread is not as easy to store as fabric. But, no more of that either.

I got a JoAnn's giftcard for cmas and I'm thinking about buying Linus batting with it next time it's on sale. That's all I can think of that I need.

Take care and have a great Thursday. It's my last day at work and I think there are only going to be two of us there. I'm planning an early day.



Laura said...

Lane, actually they may *not* be too badly stained. Try a combo of liquid oxyclean, zout, and spray-and-wash (or whatever they're calling it now) spray on all three and let them soak in for five minutes, minimum before you wash them. If that doesn't work, well, there's the last ditch, if-this-doesn't-work-nothing-will method. Take a large pot (that's not aluminum, because that can stain fabric) and fill it halfway with water. Canning pots are ideal for this. Bring it to a boil and throw in a scoop of powdered oxy. It should majorly foam up. Dump in your stained fabric and stir it around with a wooden spoon. Bring it back to a boil and boil it for ten to fifteen minutes. Fish them out, rinse in cold water, and let dry. If neither of these methods work, nothing will! (This gets out just about any organic stain, rust stains, old blood, baby poop, formula, baby food.... you know, some of the worst stains ever!)

Elizabeth said...

I agree with you about doing a little rearranging of the fabrics. It would be one thing if all the plates were from the Island of Misfit Blocks. But they are not, so I think that making order out of chaos is really the way to go.

Also, about the JoAnn's gift card: watch for the notions wall to go on 50% and you can get machine needles or other sewing/quilting staples for a steal. Same with the quilting supplies and replacement blades for your rotary cutter.

joseph said...

Looks like a rather fiendish puzzle and lots of fun:-)

Becky said...

I really like washing these vintage blocks - actually soaking in equal parts Biz and oxyclean - the small measurer in about a gallon or two of water. Soak several hours, and a lot of stains come out. Soak overnight, and I've rarely had any stain remain. Watch the blues, they may try to run. I wash them separate. I know about being sick from working with the unwashed fabrics. Resew them to pleasing colors to your hearts content.

Murr Brewster said...

I have a dread of having leftover fabric. This is in spite of the fact that my leftover fabric comes in handy at most unpredictable times. I try to buy fabric within a couple inches of what I need. Doesn't always work out; but I've never been able to bring myself to making a scrappy quilt.