The barter system

I am a firm believer in the barter system. Especially when it comes to computer work. There's an IT guy at Rob's office and they are really good friends. The guy works on our computers and Rob pays him back with lunches. So, when I get a chance to help pay, I jump right on it. The guy had a quilt that one of the grandmothers made for his daughter. It's a cute quilt. Took me a bit of time to warm up to it because it's all baby pictures and little wool appliques on polished cottons and metal dealy-bobs and a bunny that's stuck on with velcro. Nothing I'd be able to launder and that bothers me about a quilt.

They needed a sleeve. Okay so about 2.5 hours work total, less time than he spent working on my last laptop. Oddly, there was a satiny binding along the top edge, like a blanket binding and I had to sew the sleeve to that. It was hard to get that to stay in a straight line while I stitched to it. But, it's done.

Picture of grandma and the baby in the middle of the quilt. Under my little pony.

I did some cmas shopping for myself this weekend. Rob and I both have interests that there's no point in the other one learning about enough to be able to shop. I wanted a new thimble; one that actually fits. I have man sized fingers and the common dritz thimble just doesn't work for me. I've been using leather coin thimbles that I stretch by wetting them and sticking a thumb thimble in them til they dry. But, after I sweat in them for a while, the dog likes to steal them and eat them. So, I'm going back to metal, but I need a big 'un and big thimbles are hard to come by. I had to learn the sizing and the difference in thickness and maker and etching and all that. And, that was when I started to see them in sterling. Beautiful English thimbles. No need for Rob to learn all that, just for a one time purchase, so I learned it and found a couple of really good bargains and waited and was patient and bid on a few and lost them, and then I got a great one last night. And, then an even better one this morning. So, I'm pretty happy with what I'll be finding under the tree.

Now, I've become intrigued by silver, walnut shaped thimble holders. Except, what in the heck would I do with that??? It's not like a new thimble is going to get any resting time around me, right?

While I was waiting for auctions to end, I did a whole bunch of cooking yesterday. I got two news cookbooks a couple weeks ago, one Indian and one Thai. I'm suddenly feeling very inspired to cook again.

Everybody have a great Monday. Lane


Churn Dash said...

I have munchies today, and everywhere I look people are talking about food! To stop myself raiding the kitchen I went and sewed a binding on a quilt that I quilted this morning.
That quilt is definitely a work of love. Satin is a bear to work with. I'm not sure whether I dislike satin or corduroy more.

Laura said...

*drools over the My Little Pony fabric because the Bit is currently MLP obsessed* Good for you! I end up doing a lot of that, too, thus I have no surprises when Christmas comes!

regan said...

Didn't you just get two thimbles? You can't really wear both at the same time, so one needs a beautiful resting place....like a silver, walnut shaped holder! I think you NEED that! lol

lw said...

Another thimble option would be banjo thimbles, those are made for men. If you have a local folk music store (there must be one in Austin) you could check them out and see if anything would work.