A weekend of big projects

I love a good project.  And, I love being able to work on more than one at a time.  I had one this weekend for the cool of the springtime mornings and one for the warm, humid afternoons and one for the early mornings, before the sun came up.

Outside, I worked in the garden, expanding that bed I’ve been talking about.  It’s not finished and I doubt it ever will be.  I don’t have one and never have had a flowerbed that was finished. 


Right now, there are a few plants in the ground, but I”m trying to be very mindful of what I put in, so it’s going to take a while. 


Mostly, the bones are in and now I can play.


It’s a mix of shrubs and grasses and drought tolerant natives and lots of daylilies.


This is sort of where the little patio is going.  It’s all moving back so I can plant something short in front of it.  But, this is the bones of it.


And, the fruit trees got moved into the spot the glider used to be in, which gets more sun.

Funny, I originally put the glider there so I wouldn’t have to garden in the hot sun.  Now, I’m doing everything for more sun.

I also got most of the baby quilt done.  All four blocks and most of the rest are quilted.  I’d say I’m 70% done.


If you click on this, you’ll see my interpretation of birch leaves growing on a vine.  (I know, but if you don’t tell baby, I won’t.)


And, I still found a bit of time for a miniature.  My house needs a desk, and the one that goes with the furniture costs a fortune, so I built my own; much like building a 1950’s era TV last year, instead of paying 69.99 on ebay.


I’m not much of one for a detail, huh?

I bought one that turned out to be the wrong size, so I made one that was right.  and using the larger one as a pattern for everything, including the bins inside.  The drawers do open. 

I haven’t figured out how to hinge the drop front yet, but it’s ready. 


Remember that I’m working my way through that cookbook?  It’s a newer BG & G and I’m working through it like Julie did Julia’s. 

Anyway, I’m loving all the new techniques.  Last night, I made and ate eggs benedict for the first time ever. 

Can’t wait to see what Rob and Syd make out of the roughy tonight.

I found a group of bees, harboring in the yard yesterday, hopefully planning to move on.  There are hundreds, but I don’t think as many as a thousand.  They had bunched around the queen, inside a trash can lid and when I flipped it over, thinking there would be a few, there they all were.  I’m trying to make the place they are in as unpleasant as possible, without doing any harm, because we need bees, and I suspect someone has pushed this group out of some other hive, somewhere else and that they are looking for a home.  I wish them well on their way…soon.  I hope.  If not, we’ll have to call someone.  And, I don’t want to pay somebody for that.

Be well.  Have a great Monday.  For all my big words on here last friday, the day did not end fabulously for me.  I managed to stop just short of saying something was stupid, in anger about it.  I stopped short, but just.  Like a hair’s breadth. 

We’re all human.



Andra Gayle said...

Your yard looks lovely, Lane! I am very far behind on everything this year, the yard may be suffering the worst!
Love your miniatures too!

lw said...

No wonder the bees love your yard!

Your local beekeeper supply store will have names of beekeepers who would love to come and relocate that swarm. If I lived closer, I'd want to take them.

lw said...

Wait a couple of days, and if they're still around, here's the number of your local beekeeper supply store:
Kinser's Beekeeping Inc
Austin, TX 78736 (512) 477-9025

Elizabeth said...

I wonder if a bee farmer would come out and get the bees for free? I'm not sure where you would find one. Do they advertise in the Yellow Pages? But that's a thought.

Your gardens are so beautiful. Gardening is a project that is never done, I think.

Your dollhouse is so amazing -- another really fun project.

Thanks for sharing.

xo -E

Rebecca Grace said...

You got ALL THAT done this weekend?! All I managed to accomplish was laundry, and one quilt block that I had to keep ripping out and restitching over and over again because my seam allowance was off and nothing was matching up properly.

As for flower bed planning and beds that are "done?" I have a flower bed that we have lovingly nicknamed The Flower Dump. Whenever we're at the nursery or anyplace they sell flowers, I will fall madly in love with a plant on a whim and bring it home with me. Then, when I discover it doesn't really have a place in my yard, it goes in the flower dump. The Easter lilies get dumped there each year, too, which I always forget until the come up and start blooming in late April -- I'm always so surprised to see the Easter lilies there! There is a peony that I always forget to stake, a motley assortment of tiger lilies and day lilies that were not, regrettably, planted with any regard to how tall they grow, so several of the loveliest varieties are hidden in the back. It is a wild, glorious, flowery mess. My Flower Dump bed will never be done, either -- but that's because I keep buying inappropriate flowering plants and dumping them on top of all the inappropriate, unnecessary flowering plants I bought last year, and the year before. I'm like the Carol Burnett or Lucille Ball of gardeners -- definitely not a Martha Stewart! ;-)

Unknown said...

For a mini hinge sometimes a bit of fabric will do. Love your blog.

Carla said...

I'm the one with a brown thumb around my house so the husband plays in the flower beds only working 13-14 hours a day 6 days a week leave very little time for much other than maintenance. But have no fear he is working on a plan to get our sad yard landscaped before the HOA comes after us. Wait he's the president so maybe they won't yell too loud. NOT. Your garden is looking good. and I like your birch leaf interpretation. ;0)