The celebration

The birthday boy has been celebrated for another year.

He got records and toys and a new HD video camera…so look forward to even better quilt show videos. 

On Sunday, we took one of our drives in the country and did some antique shopping.  We started at Luling Barbeque for lunch.  We highly recommend everything but the sausage.  Maybe it was just an off day for the sausage, but it was pretty darn bad (if I’d ordered it, I would have taken it back to the counter and asked for something else).  But, the turkey and the brisket and the ribs were fantastic as were the sides.  After that, we hit a couple of antique stores and then we went to Geronimo to a couple more.  I don’t see this route lasting much longer.  Once a town gets known for antiques, the price of stuff gets so high that we aren’t willing to possess it anymore. 

In Geronimo, we were walking through the big store, just behind another gay couple.  They just would not get out of our way.  They had money enough to afford to buy and not enough good sense to know that they could get it cheaper through ebay, including shipping, if they were willing to wait

I’d love to show you pictures of Rob’s, but he only took phone pictures of his loot and I can’t get them to load here. 

Electronics…every one has a good feature and every one has something stupid and quirky.  And, I’m just not willing to learn all the quirky. 

Sometimes, you just have to stop and smell the roses.


Or, the bougainvillea


Or, the iris


Even if the roses are green.


Be well everybody.  And, this time, I mean me, too.



Michelle said...

Sending you sunshine, warm fuzzies and hugs today Lane. It WILL get better.

lw said...

I agree about antique prices in cities known for antiques.

Love the photos of the greenery!

qltmom9 said...

I haven't been antiquing for AGES because of the prices here, but a friend told me I could find a hoosier cabinet cheap at a certain place here, so I had a few minutes and ran in. The prices WERE great, but LOTS of work required. I'm thinking I should get some of my projects done, keeping in mind the $160 price on the loooong desired hoosier cabinet, then buy and refinish later. Oooo...do want it NOW, but ALL that work does make waiting a little more acceptable.


Kath said...

I'm so pleased Rob had a good day and some lovely gifts. I am looking forward to all the new video films!

Shay said...

Happy Belated Birthday Rob!

DangAndBlast! said...

Either it was an off day for you, a standout day for me, or there's just no accounting for taste - I've been there only once, but it's the best sausage I've ever had!