On plants

I love plants.  Even if they aren’t real.  I have a couple of artificial arrangements that I just love having around, even though I know they are dust catchers.  But, I keep them pretty cleaned up, so I don’t worry about it. 

On the other hand, I do love a fresh flower and my Mr. Lincoln rose really put out some beautiful blooms this week that I cut for our dining table.


They’re so fragrant that it’s almost sickening and so red that they are near impossible to get a picture of.  In fact, I wish I’d taken a picture when they looked a bit fresher.  But, like most of us, we look fresher out of photos than in them, most of the time.

I also made miniature caladiums. 


Imagine how much valuable quilting time I wasted making one and a half inch caladiums, from printed pictures of the leaves.

On the other hand, how cool is it that I made miniature caladiums? 

Okay, it took family TV time for two days to get them to look like this.

But how cool is it that I made miniature caladiums?

On the quilting front, I’m out to the last border on the baby quilt.  Just some simple squiggles and an occasional pair of leaves.


You may have to click that to see it.  Anyway, that will be finished in no time and I’m off to the binding.  Rob hasn’t said whether the baby’s mom has come back to work.  Hopefully, she’ll give me until this coming Monday.

And, I got my little medicine chest hung next to the sewing machine. 


I always need just a little bit of extra shelving, and this does the trick to keep things within arms reach.  (I didn’t think about the medicine bottle, the toothbrush and the glass that are in there.  I guess some ideas are too good to limit them to the bathroom.)


Compact, and out of the way.  I bought this at an auction and Rob never took to it, like I hoped he would, so it sat in the garage for a couple of years and recently, I decided to paint the inside and get rid of the hideous sight of a 50 year old medicine chest with the remnants of drips and drops of stuff still stuck to it.  And, now, it’s got my stuff in it.  And, hopefully, I won’t drip and drop gooey stuff in it in the sewing room.

But, you never can tell.

Anyway, everybody have a great Thursday.  Saturday is for finishing a baby quilt and going to the garden center and we may go see a friend’s yard that she’s been working on for three years. 

Work, work, work.  So, we all deserve a reward.  I have strict instructions to close my blog by empowering you to make a batch of delicious cookies and eat them all yourself.

But, I can’t advocate that you eat 6 dozen cookies in one day, so you’ll need a good hiding place. 

Do better than I did.  Christmas cookies don’t look so appealing in April.



Cosmos said...

The mini caladiums are cool.

Becky said...

Lane, your post today made me realize that I am the poster child for "you can't fix stupid"! I am reading along...totally engrossed in the fact that you made those caladiums, just awed by your talent......then on to the wall cabinet and I nearly passed out when I saw the picture from the inside.....HOW DID HE MAKE THOSE TOOTHBRUSHES! A MEDICINE BOTTLE!! Then you mentioned sewing room floor and I snapped back to reality with a great big DUH. But I had faith in your abilities to make 'em all buddy!!

Love you!

Sequana said...

It's getting so I can't tell if things are miniature or real size here. That medicine chest could be either.

Marei said...

I'm with the ladies above. I had to reread the post and pay REAL close attention to figure out the medicine cabinet was life-size not minature. Laughing like an idiot right now!! And, I have the sudden urge to bake some cookies!

JoAnne said...

Hey! It is pretty cool that you made a miniature caladium!

I still have Christmas cookies in the freezer. I totally agree with you--they aren't looking so delicious!

lw said...

The caladiums are really accurate! I had the same "is the medicine cabinet full size or miniature" problem as some of the other commentors.

If I made six dozen cookies, even if they were hidden or in the freezer, they'd get eaten up pretty fast by my resident cookie monster-- you can't hide that yummy baking smell.

Mary said...

I still think the medicine chest is a minature. If it was real size and hanging beside the sewing machine it would have rotary cutters in it not toothbrushes. The flowers are so awesome.

qltmom9 said...

It is VERY VERY cool that you made mini caladiums!
Your quilting is pretty on the babyquilt.
We have NO leftover cookies. Ever. But, I WILL make a batch and tell my family you told me to.~
I have 3 days off work! Family, food and quilting.