The devil is in the details

I don’t have anything new for today. 

Yesterday was all about working on the details of stuff I’d already shared. 

I found out that bees will swarm the way these are doing, and that if I was prepared, with a box, I could probably keep them because they don’t seem to be much work and they certainly aren’t threatening.  I’ve been all around them, trying to discourage them, moving the boards they’re clinging to, trying to make it unpleasant to be here.  But, now we’re expecting thunderstorms, so they’re likely here for a couple more days and I’m not going to actively try to run them off.  After that, I’ll go out and shake them till the queen flies away and that will be that.  I’m only worried about the dogs disturbing them because they are practically on the ground.  (addendum, I have made some calls to try to find someone to come get the bees but haven't heard back from anyone yet.  If no one wants them, then I'll need to run them off.  I really hope someone wants them, tho.)

I got a bit further on the baby quilt, but that’s not exciting.  It’s just free motion quilting in the ditch around a hundred half square triangles.  I can remember complaining a few years ago about how bad I hated free motion ditch work because I could never stay on the line.  Weird what a difference a few years and a lot of hours of practice can make.  This is actually relaxing and it’s going very fast.  One more border and something in the center square, that I just noticed was empty this morning, and I’ll be ready to cut a binding.

There are squirrels in the attic above the sewing room. 

They may actually drive me nuts. 

They also need to leave before there is a litter or I’ll have to endure them until after the babes are weaned. 

That’s how we roll around here, whether it’s squirrels or coons or cats. 

Linda at Buzzing and Bumbling showed a picture of a Cinco de Mayo rose bush yesterday.  Gotta have one!  Okay, maybe that’s a bit demostrative, but I will be on the lookout because…

I gotta have one!

That’s about it.  I’ll be looking in my native and adaptive gardening book for plants that will survive the heat of our summer, on our water ration.  Study, study, study. 

Learn about making quilts.  Learn about making miniatures.  Learn to garden.  So, why do I have so much trouble learning Spanish?

Be well.  Have a great Tuesday.  I’m taking Syd to PT today.  Suddenly they want to rent me a piece of equipment to help her straighten her leg.  ‘Scuse me, but I got a piece of equipment that will help her straighten her leg.  It’s called somebody supervising her “between visit” PT exercises so she does them right…because if she was, she’d be able to straighten her leg!

If supervision doesn’t work, then we’ll talk about spending $90 of my quilt money on a piece of equipment.  But, we’re gonna try the free thing first.

Hug somebody that isn’t expecting it.  As a surprise.



Anonymous said...

Lane will look around for one today since I leave Albquerque tomorrow for home.

Roses are all over the place, at least in South Valley so it might be easy to find here.

Will let you know.


leu2500 said...

You might be able to find a bee keeper in your area who will move the bees for you.

Elizabeth said...

Lane, you make me smile. Good to hear from you today.

xo -E

JoAnne said...

I'm really relieved the bees aren't the Africanized, Killer bees. That would be no good. It is too bad that they can't stay. They must have found paradise!

Kath said...

I like the things you add at the bottom of your posts. I always try to do what you suggest. Today I did hug someone who wasn't expecting it.
(tomorrow can you say, go ahead and bake cookies and eat them all yourself?).