Georgetown Quilt Show, Hand quilting categories

Today, I want to show you my favorites from the hand quilting category at the Georgetown quilt show.  I love the stories behind the quilts. 

Bear’s Paw - The maker of this quilt says that she got the blocks from her SIL in Buffalo, New York.  It was a really lovely vintage-ey feeling quilt.  And, she did a really nice job of quilting it. 


Tennesee Waltz – the maker didn’t say much about this one.  She pieced it and is one of three people that hand quilted it.  Another lovely quilt.  


Garden Party – I wish the maker had told us more about this quilt.  It was a lovely quilt and it had a very interesting 3 dimensional feature that I tried to show in the second picture.  At the center of each one of those fans were prairie point variations.  It was made from a kit, but heck, who cares?  Lovely quilt with perfectly matched fabrics.

100_5011 100_5012 

Glory Bound – This quilt was made for the maker’s daughter and son-in-law.  Her daughter picked out the pattern and the civil war repro fabrics.  It took the maker about a year.  I showed a close up of some of the hand quilting.  That’s why it took a year.  That kind of tiny stitching takes time!

100_5014 100_5015 

Hexagons – The quilter found this top at a yard sale about 20 years ago (okay, that explains a lot).  She added fabrics to the corners to finish it.  The quilt was a wonder.  It is sooooo busy with all the bits of fabric, but what a perfect example of an expanding hexagon pattern.  This is definitely the kind of quilt that my fore-quilters were making in the 70’s…lots of scrappy happiness as Bonnie Hunter says.


This next quilt was gorgeous.  If you can click it and expand it, do so.  It has lots of hand embroidery on it and then it was hand quilted.  The pattern must have been printed and the embroidery was supposed to be part of the quilting, but she decided to embroider it instead.



Sorry, I didn’t get any info on this next quilt.


I hope you can click these pictures, too.  A wonderful example of a whole cloth hand quilted.  LOVED IT!  It was also pre-printed.  WHO CARES?  So, hers was pre-printed and I traced mine with a pencil.  That pre-print thing sure would save some timed.  hmmmmm.

100_5023 100_5024 

Those were my favorite quilts from the hand quilting category.  I hope you enjoyed them. 

Rob uploaded his video this weekend.   I’m trying to link it in.  We’ll see how successful I am.  Kath, you asked for a better look at the Scrappy Stars quilt.  It’s in the video.  He got real close. 

Everybody have a great Wednesday.  Lane


Auntie Em said...

Glad to see that handquilting is alive and well in your neck of the woods.
Love that Garden Party quilt. Just gorgeous!

Auntie Em said...

Found a link with a tutorial on how that Garden Party block is made.

Kath said...

Thankyou Lane and thankyou Rob! I did enjoy the quilt show. I am a sucker for old fashioned hexagons and lone stars but I loved the fire truck quilt and "In the season" with that cute seal!
I did get a good peek at the scrappy stars, I have not seen that pattern before now, thankyou. I like to EPP so that looks like a nice little project.
The butterfly quilt is so sweet, my Mum would love that.
How lovely to see you and your family, Miss Sydney looks beautiful in red!

lw said...

Love the post and the video. With my new job and commute, I haven't been able to get to any of the local quilt shows yet-- thanks for sharing yours!

Vesuviusmama said...

Wow! We usually only have a half dozen or so hand quilted quilts in shows around here - mine being one. So great to see so much of it. Thanks for sharing.