The end of the week

I am very glad to see the end of the week.  I am looking forward to beautiful, clear, blue skies and temps in the 70’s and being out in the yard.  We don’t get many weekends like this, so every one must be used to it’s fullest. 

This weekend, we need to cut back trees.  The city is doing a free brush collection in our neighborhood.  Not that they don’t pick up compostable brush every week, but this time, they’ll bring cranes and you can get rid of large wood and the best part is that you don’t have to tie the sticks into bundles.  I really hate to complain, but bundling sticks and tying them up with biodegradable string is not my favorite chore.

And, I’ll keep contributing to things like this.


These are Mr. Lincoln red roses and I’m finally learning how to adjust the camera to photograph the color red.  I really need to post pictures of my beds because we’ve had rain and everything I planted last week has perked up.  It’s looking good and I walk through it several times a day.  I love that feeling of accomplishment.

And, speaking of accomplishment, I finished the April Linus quilt top. 


That picture doesn’t do justice to all the mixed homespun plaids.


My impression of quilting with homespuns is the same as my impression of wearing them.  They creep and crawl and they can’t be ironed stiff enough without more starch than I want to use.   If I looked away for a half a second, my seam allowance would creep off to the side, even on Ken Moore, who has the straightest seam allowance of all my machines.


That said, before I cut that blue piece for the sashing, I did cut 16 wedges for my Dresden Plate quilt.  That’s the plan.  Cut more quilts from this, but always make sure I get my 16 wedges first.  Then, I plan to use the homespuns up and move them out. 

Now, I just need to pin baste and quilt March and April and I’m all caught up again.  These are going to get simple quilting, so I should be finished by early May and ready to make another Linus  quilt. 

After the explosions in West, I am doubly appreciative that I make quilts for Linus.  I know that there were quilts deployed and ready to go.  That’s what Linus does for me.  They get my work where it needs to be so it can be of the most use.  Who knows, maybe one of mine is even winging it’s way to West as we speak.

Everybody be well.  Thanks for all the comments to my post from Wednesday.  I got several perspectives and I like knowing how others are feeling.  It makes what I’m feeling so much more comfortable.  Even folks with different opinions shared something of themselves that I appreciate.

Hi-ho.  If I log off of here, I can take another turn through the flowerbeds before work. 

(and poof, he was gone…..)


Elizabeth said...

Mr. Lincolon is gorgeous. Wow!

Love your homespun quilt. I've always loved homespuns and perhaps some day, I'll make a quilt with them. After I invest in a starch company ;).

Happy Friday! The weekend is almost here! So looking forward to it.

xo -E

lw said...

Oh, those roses are gorgeous! And the homespun quilt is so sweet. See what wonderful things you're contributing to the world?

Unknown said...

Just LOVE your April Linus quilt with the homespuns. There is something about homespuns that is so comforting.

Rebecca Grace said...

I've been admiring your homespun quilt, but didn't realize those fabrics could be so cantankerous and uncooperative! I have enough trouble with ordinary, easy fabrics! :-)

Your Mr. Lincoln roses are spectacular. Have you ever tried quilting them? I mean quilting patterns that look like the roses, not quilting directly onto the blooms... (Can't you just see Amelia Bedelia all scratched up by the thorns, trying to quilt rose bushes with a sewing machine?)