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Okay, so I got nothin’ quilty for ya’.  I could make a big show out of finishing the quilting on a Linus quilt and cough up a tute on machine binding.

But, since I’m not very good at that, you shouldn’t follow my example.

So, let’s take a walk through one of my other hobbies; the yard.  Are ya’ sick of it yet?

These are the beds I put in last year. 


One comes out further than the other because together, they complete a curve that matches the curve on the other end of the bed…we’ll get there.  I promise.

This is the bed I put in two years ago.


This still follows that curve.  There are daylilies and daisies and grasses and lots of other fun stuff that’s going to go nuts in the hot summer. 

And, we’re walking. 

The next few photos are of an area that started out as a daylily show garden.  And, that was terrific.  For the month of May.


After that, it was just green fronds.

I extended back to the fence first and filled that with the most drought tolerant plants I could find because it’s the area least likely to get watered when we turn the sprinklers on the yard.  I didn’t buy one of the drought tolerant plants.  Those plants do so well here that they reproduce and heave themselves out of the ground.  I just picked them up off the sidewalk.

Don’t tell the neighborhood association.




My next thing is to get in there and spread mulch.  And, I still have a few daylilies to move.  I wanted to wait until they’ve had a chance to bloom and I can see what color they are and then they’ll find their perfect place.

This next part has been here for a few years, but the front area is new.  I can hardly wait for this spot to fill in.  I am very certain that it is going to be a fantastic little area where the height and colors are perfectly matched; more here than anywhere else in the yard.  But, everybody needs a show spot, right?  This area starts that matching curve I talked about before.


Here is where I sit.


Funny story about the broken flower pot out front.  Rob said wood glue wouldn’t fix that.  I was sure he was wrong.  He was right.

I was wrong.

I’ve made Sydney promise not to tell him I said that.  You, too.

These opened this week for me. 


Next is the utility area.  We have an easement that runs across the back of the yard.  I have to keep good access for service persons.  So, I’ve graveled the area around the utilities with fist sized stones and made clear steps for them to be able to get through without any damage. 


A utility guy that came here early in this garden’s formation told me they really appreciate that.  So, I just keep doing it.  He suggested that when they can’t get through, they tend to do a bit of extra trampling in frustration.

Mustn’t have that, now, must we?

And, this is the original flowerbed.  This is a shade bed that I put in to keep my dogs off the fence and away from the neighbor’s dog.  It used to have a small fence along the front edge, with a  cute little gate.  But, as the bed filled in and the dogs got older and the neighbor moved away, we didn’t need the fence anymore. 


This bed does some small amount of blooming.  The camelia blooms at Christmas.  But, mostly it’s about leaf shape and shades of green.  A cool spot to watch on a sunny, hot August day, when everything else is wilted and tired.

And, that’s This week in Lane’s yard.  We’ll have another installment when something changes. 

Until then; be good, be strong, be forceful, be dependable, and be fragile, too. 

“Cuz if you don’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

Oh, and vote Jinkx Monsoon!  Yay, Jinkx-ey.  America’s next Drag Superstar!



Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Oh I love seeing flower gardens. Ours are just starting...it is still cool here; raining now. We had a long cold winter...late spring. But tulips are coming up and things will pick up soon. Before you know it; I'll be complaining about too much yard work..haha!!

Kath said...

I enjoyed seeing your garden Lane. If you are trying to think what to blog about, please do a beginners guide to machine quilting. I am just about to machine quilt my first twin quilt, it's all pinned and I am paralized! Do I start in the
middle? A dummies guide please :-D

Elizabeth said...

Best bit about this post: And we're walking. I'll think of that when work gets hairy and it will make me smile again. And I'll get back to work.

Love you gardens. Such a beautiful, restful place you've created. What is that pretty frilly green that you have at the front of quite a few of your beds, as a border?

xo -E

P.S. Sometime you'll have to have Rob guest post about his flower beds. You mentioned that he did the front yard, so I'm curious.

lw said...

Wish I could sit and visit in your backyard, it's lovely.

I haven't been keeping up with RuPaul's girls since I started commuting to this job. It looks like I'm missing something!

Mary said...

Lovely to see something blooming. We got out in the yard on the weekend and I almost needed mittens, my hands were so cold. But the pussy willows are out and the hyacinths so can't complain too much.