Bits and pieces

Never listen to anybody talk about sewing machines that doesn’t know where the bobbin case is.  I sent a lady on ebay a picture of what the bobbin case should look like because she couldn’t get any pictures to upload to send to me.  She said it did and that all the parts were there.  I placed a bid.  Today, she sent me a photo and it looks like the bobbin area of the machine sat in the mud for many years.  I am very unhappy and am praying for someone to outbid me.  What a mess.  Shame on me for being trusting.  Every time I do that, I get burned and swear I won’t do it again.

But, I do.

We went to an estate sale, where I offended the lady running it by offering her what I thought something was worth.  She actually got upset, but all I did was offer what I was willing to pay for it, no reason to be upset, just tell me no and make a counter-offer.  Oh, well.  We did get this great coffeepot.  We collect the cornflower blue corningware because it reminds us of our childhoods.  We have the coffeepot in this size.


But it percolates on the stove. 


The new one has an electric heating element.  It is very cool and works quite well and get hot and percolating very quickly.  A good gamble for $4 on whether it would work.  It took a couple of tries, but I got a really good cuppa out of it yesterday.

I am quilting huge feathers into a Linus quilt.


You should be able to see better if you click and enlarge that.  I’ve tried to see how small I can make a feather.  Now, I’m trying to see how large.  Changing the size really changes the skills required to quilt.  Instead of it all being readily visible near the needle, big feathers mean looking all around and trying to end up with things that look like feathers and not like toes.

And, I got the first two miniature cabinets made for the dollhouse.


The camera makes them look green, but they’re really off white.  I may remake the doors.  This morning, I thought of ways I could definitely do better.  But, even if I don’t, these will certainly work for what I need them to do.

Okay, off for a bit of watering and then to the office.  Another day, another dollar and a half.

Be well and have a great Monday.



Unknown said...

See if you can retract your ebay bid based on the additional photo. I may be incorrect but under the circumstances there is probably a way to do it.

deb g said...

Yes you can retract, since the info was incorrect. I have done it before. She is able to cancel your bid.

deb g said...

She can cancel your bid from her side.

Andi's English Attic said...

I agree. I believe you have genuine reasons for retracting your bid. Good luck.

Rebecca Grace said...

Micro-feathers and mega-feathers, hunh? I'm still hoping that someday I'll be able to quilt anything that resembles a feather! Even when I doodle, my feathers still look like toes, thousand-tongued serpents, or a bouquet of deflated balloons. Your giant feathers look very cool with the paisleys in that Linus quilt.

Yes, I agree with all the others who have said you should ask the seller to cancel your bid. She will want to do that, because of the risk that you won't follow through with the sale if you have already told her you don't want the item anymore, and then she would have to do a whole new auction to sell the machine. It's better for her to retract your bid now so the winning bidder can be a real buyer.

Michelle said...

When I was a little girl in the 60's, my dad (who was divorced from my mom) gave me a set of toy dishes with the blue cornflower design on it. What I wouldn't give to have them again. I was forced to hand all my toys down to my 4 stepsisters, and I ended up with nothing from my childhood. Thank God for Ebay, as I have replaced several things. Maybe someday I will find some toy dishes.